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Russian Language and Culture

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This category includes questions and answers relating to Russian, the Slavic language of Russia, its people and their culture.
the St. Petersburg Region Volga Region, Urals region
хлеп - khlyep -- Probably among the hardest single syllable words for an English speaker to say.
Пламя на ветру Plamya na vetru
i see a lot of russians with brown or dark brown eyes sometimes almost black lookin
For males - milyi, for females - milaya, for middles - miloe
Zlo ( noun) Zloy ( adjective,male) Zlaya (a., female ) Zloye (a., neuter ) Zliye (a., plural)
Ножницы Nozhnitsy
2650 Wisconsin Ave., NW Washington DC, 20007 Tel: (202) 298-5700
In crossword puzzles, the word "dachas" is used.
No. Siberia is part of Russia. Before the 1917 Revolution the Russian monarchs also reigned over Siberia, but Siberia has never had a monarchy of its own.
Pronounced like do (as in go do that) rrrr (roll your r's peole!) uh ( kinda like ahhh, relaxing) k. D OO R UH K, you have to say it right. Spelled "Дурак"
Russian for "just a little" is чуть-чуть, pronounced choo-choot .
No, it's not!!! But it is a language that is mandatory for Armenian kids to learn in school!!!
"Russkaya krasivaia devochka" "русская красивая девочка". I am russian.
1. Шайенн (shayenn). 2. (the Algonquian language of the Cheyenne) шайенский язык (shayénskiy yazyk).
One is a Latin language, the other is a Slav language, one uses the Latin alphabet, the other the Cyrillic alphabet, and the grammar and vocabulary have little in common!
I own one. (It was in the Battle of Stalingrad) I've used it in airsoft wars. so i've used it while doing combat like activities. (If you are planning on buying one heres just a few things you might wanna know etc) 1. I've never gotten sick from the filter. 2. I recommend if when you are putting a...
Russian "русский" is pronounced "roo-ski"
в 2 раза кислород не может существовать как одна молекула, поэтому формула у него o2. знач...
Привет, как дела? (Privét, kak delá?)
индюк; индейка (indyúk; indéyka)
Гепард - Gepard
буря, гроза, ураган; (naval) шторм (búrya, grozá, uragán; shtorm)
"сверчок" pronounced "sverchok"
The fought on the Eastern front of WW2. The farthest East they fought was the city of Stalingrad, (now called Volgograd.) on the Volga River, and by the end of the war, the Eastern front was nothing more than the Eastern side of Berlin.
By the latter part of the century, Moscow felt strong enough to challenge the Tatars directly, and in 1380 a Muscovite noble named Dmitri Donskoy had the audacity to attack them. His decisive victory at Kulikovo Field immediately made him a popular hero, though the Tatar retaliation two years later...
Yes. In the scene where the captain of the Red October announces the psudo-orders to the crew, they begin singing the Russian national anthem.
Ti ponemaesh? OR Tebe ponyatno?
Please clarify or rephrase your question.
Ty krasiviy Vy privlekatel'niye/krasiviye
дружба (DROOZH-bah)
извините меня, Вы говорите на русском языке? (Cyrillic-Alphabet, Russian) izvinitye myenya, Vi govoritye na roosskom yazikye?(Latin-Alphabet, Russian) Excuse me, Do you speak Russian? (Latin...
If you mean how to say the word "flag" then you just say "fog" but add an L in front of the "o"
Я не понимаю по-русски Pronounced ya ne paneemAyu pa-rooski
"Right?" or "Isn't it?" or "Is it not so?"
before midnight = До полуночи (doh polúnochi).
a e ё и о у ы э ю я
The Sputnik I was the first satellite launched into low earth orbit on October 4th 1957
Vladimir Putin was the president after Yeltsin.
Элегантный (elegántnyi), изысканный (izýskannyi).
the Russian slide is a roller coaster
If you want to write it, Давай-давай, толстый! Pronounced: Davai-davai, tolsty. Translated back it means something like: "Go ahead, fat man", which I hope reflects what you had in mind.
Хорошо (kha-ra-SHO, horoshó) Окей (okéy) It's either OK or ладно (ladno) or хорошо (khorosho)
The Americans landed on the moon first because Neil Armstrong was American. Also the Russians did not have technology that the Americans did, the Americans had better materials to build space ships with.
Деятельность (déyatel'nost').
a Russian stays in school until they finish 11th grade.
Use caution. The following answers are just opinions. In truth,it is not possible to count the words of any language, becausethere is no universal definition of what a word is. Most languageshave between 40,000 and 160,000 words. Answer There are about 150,000 words in the Russian language....
The best way to say "howdy neighbor" in Russian would be Привет соседям! It has the same folksy ring to it. If you are looking to spell it in English, you can write Privet sosedyam! If you are trying to pronounce it, it's PreVIET saSEdim (like you say sediment)
The rye bread, cabbage, lots pea soups, turnips and kvass
Since Russell originally is French for "Redhead" - рыжый - there is no equivalent in Russian or the other Slav languages, which have a very different tradition for personal names. Yet, it could be a surname, like Czech Červený, also common in Slovak - and from there in Hungarian...
Никогда не сдавайся (Nikogdá ne sdaváisya).
Russian, French, Greek, Hebrew and English
здравствулте! Jennifer
The right translation is "китайская девушка"
The Three Pillars of Russian Absolutism are 1) Autocracy 2) Orthodoxy 3) Nationalism
Zmey (Змей) is a word used to describe a dragon in russian.
The word for the battle machine is танк and is pronounced tunk (like trunk without an r) The word for water storage unit is бак, pronounced buck
Actually I do believe it's the name of the capital Kazakhstan. I'm from Moscow and that's the only Astana I know.
It's very close - yakhta.
As in historical figures like Peter the Great? "Ya velikiy". As in a cool dude? "Ya klassniy (or krutoy). Not common phrases though.
I would just say "tseluyu tibya" (stress on the first "u"; stress on the final "a"). It just means "kiss you". It's used by boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives when they're saying goodbye on the telephone, or signing off on an email to each other. Russians wouldn't say "hugs and kisses" I...
The name of president dos Santos' s ex-wife-Russian, the mum of Isabel dos Santos is Tatiana dos Santus (Kukanova- before marriage in russian).
"Zoia" or in Russian "Зоя"
В настоящее время различают два класса рыб: класс хрящевые рыбы (Chondrichthyes), насчитывающий оÐ...
If we are talking soccer or hockey, it's not really easy to say it in Russian during the game, especially if you don't speak Russian and the player doesn't speak English. Even though Russian players use the term "offside" (pronounced exactly the same), there is no word for "onside". So you would...
The noun rain is дождь, pronounced, roughly, as dosht . There is no direct translation of the verb to rain. If you want to say that it is raining, you say идет дождь ("the rain is coming down").
Same as in English.
they did cffcvhhnknlml
Вас - Vahs = you (formal) or Plural you Ваз - Vahz = vase, as in a flower vase.
There are 33 letters in the Russian Alphabet. А Б В Г Д Е Ё Ж З И Й К Л М Н О П Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Щ Ъ Ы Ь Э Ю Я
Думаю о тебе (о вас) (du-ma-ju o te-be (o vas))
We never use this word. But if you want: teplo or тепло in Russian language.
горячий goryachiĭ
If you want to know what a box in Russian it is "Коробка" [karobka] "To box" (fight) is: "боксировать" [boksirovat']
Pronounced "Я учу русский (язык)" (Ya uchú rússkiy yazík) Ya - I uchu - to study/learn russkiy (yazik) -Russian (language)
Krasivaya, Krasivoye, Krasivyy, Krasivyye (Depending on Gender andNumber) Syllables: Kra-si-va-ya, Kra-si-vo-e, Kra-si-vyy, Kra-si-vy-ye There's a rolling 'R' in 'Kra'. (Like in 'perro', with the Spanishrolling 'R's') If you can fake a Russian accent, then you can say it perfectly!
Im guessing in Russianopolis. If you need to go there, take I-70 out of Nebraska, and its near Yellowstone National Zoo.
Здравствуйте, как поживаете? (formal) Pronounced zdrastvooytyeh, kak pazheevayeteh? Привет, как дела? (informal) (Privyet, kak deelah?)
Your friend: ТВОЙ ДРУГ . Pronunciation: Tvoy dr u k ( u as in the oo in m oo se) .
American service is a family style serve with bread and butter first, after that serve the appetizer with a sharing plate, and portion soup, same with the main course and desert, Russian service is serve also bead and butter after that you serve the appetizer after that you serve the soup with...
Чеснок. IPA: [t͡ɕɪsˈnok].