Artemis (Diana)

Artemis was the Greek goddess of hunting, childbirth, and wildlife. She was the twin sister of the god Apollo, and was one of the virgin goddesses. In Roman mythology, she was known as Diana.
Yes. She is also the goddess of the hunt, childbirth, virginity and fertility.
Agamemnon gathered the reluctant Greek forces to sail for Troy. Preparing to depart from Aulis, which was a port in Boeotia, Agamemnon's army incurred the wrath of the goddess Artemis. There are several reasons throughout myth for such wrath: in Aeschylus' play Agamemnon, Artemis is angry for the...
In the seventh century the old temple was destroyed by a flood. The construction of the "new" temple, which was to become known as one of the wonders of the ancient world, began around 550 BC. It was a 120-year project, initially designed and built by the Cretan architect Chersiphron and his son...
The gods usually don't, neither does Artemis.
Artemis can be found in the wilderness.
The Roman goddess Diana had no kids. She was a virgin goddess.
Artemis was one of the twelve ruling Olympians out of Greek Myth, this daughter of Zeus and Leto was also the twin sister of Apollo, she was called Queen of the Beasts, a goddess of the wild and mountains, and of the hunt.
Those that honor and worship her, she favored. Those that slurred her name and that of her family, she punished. This is the case of most Greek gods and goddesses.
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Yes! There are two about love. In one of them she puts the man she loves to sleep forever so he will never remember her.
Because she ask Zeus her father when she was little for 6 wishes and one of them was to own the mountains and wood: the 6 wishes were: 1. To be a young virgin forever. 2. A silver bow and arrows forged by the Cyclops. 3. To be dressed in a short tunic so her legs would be free to run. 4. All...
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Allies: Apollo, Leto, Zeus (though he sometimes raped her huntresses), and all of her huntresses Rivals: Athena (strong virgin), Orion (for best hunter) Full out enemies: Hera and Aphrodite
She was worshiped throughout the Mediterranean Sea; she was goddess of the wilderness and wild animals, a hunter of these animals, protector of childbirth and pregnant women, as well as a girl child until marriage.
Born on the isle Ortygia, she and Leto crossed to Delos so Apollo -twin to Artemis - was born (how Artemis became goddess of women in childbirth). They were taken up to Olympus and recognized as 'bright' children of Zeus (Apollo for the sun, Artemis for the moon), they then hunted and killed many of...
No. Her half sister Athena did not have a child. Her aunt Hestia didn't have a child either. They were all virgin goddesses.
The Greek goddess Artemis is not depicted carrying a scepter. She is depicted as a young huntress carrying a bow and arrows. The goddess with a scepter is Hera, queen of the gods.
It depends on what's going on around her
Marble, mostly - from what we know.
Aphrodite was one of Artemis's half sisters.
No, not a true sister. Her mother, Leto, only gave birth to her and her younger twin brother, Apollo. Since her dad was Zeus, she would have many half-sisters. Some would be Athena, Persephone, Helen, and Hebe.
Athena-goddess of knowledge
These were the things Artemis asked from her father Zeus on her third birthday. 1. To be a virgin forever. 2. A silver (or gold) bow and arrows forged by the Cyclopes. 3. To be dressed in a short tunic so her legs would be free to run. 4. All the mountains in the world to be her domain. 5. A...
Yes, Artemis had a silver bow and arrows, which she used in the Hunt.
In 1867, while excavating in the theatre of Ephesus, Wood found a Greek inscription, which mentioned various gold and silver statuettes, which, on festive occasions, were carried from the temple, through the Magnesian gate, to the theatre. He reasoned that at the Magnesian gate, there would be found...
The monument was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only foundations and sculptural fragments of the temple remain. The Temple of Artemis was located at an economically robust region, drawing merchants and travellers from all over Asia Minor. The temple was influenced by many beliefs,...
No. It would be useless to try to kill a goddess, since they are immortal.
When Homer is comparing Penelope to Artemis and Aphrodite in the Odyssey, he means she looks like Artemis in chastity and like Aphrodite in beauty.
Click on the link below and click on the picture of Artemis when you get there. A page of information will pop up. The first two paragraphs explains Artemis' family.
She is the powerful goddess of the Hunt and the moon.
People that just hunted for fun and didn't use the resources thatcame from the kill.
She was never alive, she was a goddess in ancient religion of the Greeks and peoples of that region.
Artemis was worshipped in ancient Greek times.
Artemis wasn't exactly alive. She existed in the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans (as Diana).
Ancient Greece, or before.
Leto, when she found she was pregnant with Zeus' children, fled, for she knew the Queen of Heaven (Hera) would soon learn of her husbands cheat, and as Hera could not punish Zeus, she could curse the woman who he'd cheated with. Leto could not give birth to her children on land or sea, and so it is...
Artemis was a GIRL. She was the goddess of the hunt. Second of all she vowed to be a maiden forever. The only man who ever saw her naked saw her when she was bathing in a forest pool. Instead of running for his life he stood there staring until one of Artemis' nymphs noticed him. Artemis turned him...
There are many myths of Artemis taking revenge on those who wronged her, her mother, or brother - even nymphs and giants.
Orion is said to have been appealing to look upon, and able to manipulate water.
A god or goddess of hunting is supposed to help hunters while they hunt.
Artemisia is a large, genus of plants that belong to the daisy family. There are 200-400 species of them. It is mostly herbs and shrubs, and has volatile oils on them. They grow in dry/semi-dry habitats. Their leaves are covered with white hairs.
Diana was initially just a hunting goddess but later, for whatever reason, she became a moon goddess. This supplanted Selene, the original moon goddess. So Diana was never named after a planet but our Moon.
It was a ritual, the girls 'gave their toys to Artemis' and became married women, no longer virgins under the protection of Artemis.
Artemis never stayed in one place, she had been to Olympus, traveled the depths of the Ocean, and roamed the untamed wilderness. She was born, it's said, on Ortygia- though she was a grown child by the time her mother gave birth to Apollo on Delos.
Nope, Juno being the Roman aspect of Hera, and Artemis being the Greek goddess of the wild hunt and virginity.
They are both children of Zeus. Apollo is the god of the sun, poetry, music, twin of Artemis, who is goddess of the moon, the Hunt, and fertility (like immortality). They are twin archers, masters of the bow and arrow. Apollo took over as a god from his father, Hebe. Artemis is one of the three...
She was born on the island Delos because Leto was her mother and her was Zeus. Hera is Zeus' real wife and so she was furious when she learned that Leto was about to have twins fathered by Zeus. Hera then forbade all lands to give Leto rest. Leto had to wander all over the earth until she found the...
It began around 550 BC. It was a 120-year project.
She had black or auburn hair. She was tall, thin, and very physically fit. She was dressed in a short tunic, had silver sandals on her feet, a silver bow in her hands, and a quiver full of silver arrows slung on her back.
One of the more well known is that Actaeon saw her bathing, was turned into a stag and hunted by his dogs to death. Another more well known one is the nymph Callisto, who was a hunting companion of Artemis and virgin, and Zeus became her lover and she was turned into a bear.
As she was a goddess, anything she pleased to.
Artemis and Apollo were twins. Hera sent a monster after Leto.After arriving at Delos, Artemis was born and helped Leto givebirth to Apollo.
Anything she wanted to. However, if she were to appear today, she would most likely be a tomboyish preteen girl who didn't have any intrest in boys. She would probably have some sort of connection to nature or animals.
It was poison arrows , and they killed mortals.
Artemis usually was hunting with her nymph attendants. She also had a friend named Orion for a time, but he had a sudden death. Please click the link below to read the many myths on how Orion died. If Artemis wasn't with either of them, she was probably with her twin brother Apollo.
She was born a goddess.
The goddess Artemis did not have a true sister. She was the only daughter of Zeus and Leto. She would have plenty of half sisters, like Athena, though.
Yes, Zeus is the father of the goddess Artemis.
Ancient Greeks had a religious belief which included a deity for most human virtues and vices.Eg beauty (Aphrodite /Venus) , wisdom (Athena), war (Aries). Gods were a simple and a 'because' way of explaining things you can't control. Love, the Sea, weather, natural disasters. They were given grumpy...
What does Artemis need?
Artemis the goddess was born on Mount Cynthus on the island of Delos.
Artemis' weapon were a silver bow and silver arrows. Her symbols were a stag, a bear, a cypress tree, a falcon, and a bow and arrow.
In Rome, her name is Diana. Diana is also called Cynthia.
Artemis was never called that. She is the goddess of the moon.
(According to Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 3 The Titan's Curse) Artemis does not discriminate by birth. Anyone who honors her may join. So as long as you are a girl, yes.
Artemis lived on Mount Olympus with the other gods and goddesses. She also lived in forests and on other mountains.
In ancient art Artemis was usually depicted as a girl dressed in a short knee-length chiton and equipped with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows.
No. Artemis the goddess didn't marry anyone. She was a virgin goddess.
The city-state for which Artemis was patron for was Sparta.
She used it in the Hunt.
Yes, as an Olympian goddess she did. She also lived in the mountains and in forest with her virgin huntresses.
She was a virgin goddess.
No. There are, however, books about the Greek goddess Artemis.
Diana being the Roman name, not the Greek, none the less the similarity between the two make them hard to distinguish. They were both goddesses of wilderness and wild animals, associated with the moon and with the hunt. They were also both virgin goddesses to Greek and Roman alike.
Artemis was the goddess of hunting, wild animals, and the wilderness. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and protector of a girl until marriage; Apollo the protector of boys.
Newborn animals (and animals in general) and maidens (virgins).
Because she has dakka that, according to fluff, never misses.
Artemis the goddess was supposed to protect and rule over the wild animals, as well as hunt them.
Deer. Her throne in Olympus was padded by a white deerskin.
The goddess Artemis hunted mainly forest animals. She probably hunted deer the most.
Yes. She had arrows which when they entered a body would either give them a disease or kill them.
The goddess Artemis is not depicted wearing a necklace.
She is often called the goddess of the hunt. To answer your question..yes.
The goddess Artemis was impulsive, vengeful, pitiless, and aloof. She was also a little too quick to deal out punishments. She also hated most men.
Hunting with her hounds, traveling the wild lands, dancing with her nymphs, all things that one can imagine a goddess doing and favoring.
Apollo: Her brother, Zeus: her Father, Leto: Her mother, Aphrodite, athena, Hera, Harry Styles, Poesideon. She likes Harry Potter, his lightning bolt reminds her of her father. Harry Styles reminds her of Hephaesus. Tom Cruise makes her think of apollo lindsay lohan reminds her of dionysus
Sometime in the Bronze Age, at the island of Delos, one day before her twin brother Apollo.
Artemis protects: . New born creatures . Animals . Maidens . Women in childbirth
Diana did not put anyone into eternal sleep in Roman mythology. The other moon goddess Luna (Selene in Greek mythology) put a youth named Endymion into eternal sleep so he would be forever young and handsome.
Artemis never married. She was a virgin goddess.
Artemis is symbolized by a wild stag, a bear, a falcon, her silver bow, her silver arrows, and the crescent moon. Her symbol is a silver bow and arrow.
Artemisia, the genus name for wormwood.
She wanted to be. When Zeus, her father, asked her what she wanted for her third birthday, being a virgin forever was her first of six wishes.