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All manner of questions about fishing boats, from rafts and dugouts to the commercial vessels, can be found here.


Sorry to say, I have no idea. I can tell you what mine cost.$26,888.00! Seriously, it was one of the best big expenditures Iever made. I use it all the time.
the regulations is that it has to be 1/20th behide the bow of the ship and it has to be water tight
If you are to starboard (right) red to port (left) white to aft (rear). If you are anchored......white all around. Rule 26 Fishing Vessels (a) A vessel engaged in fishing, whether underway or at anchor, shall exhibit only the lights and shapes prescribed by this rule. (b) A...
if you are under 21 then you need to pass a boaters education test. Boats US do a free one on their website. Type in to Google Boats US online course and its the first one. Once you have done that send it tow FWC. Their address is on the Boats US website aswell. Then you'll get sent your boaters id...
hat year is this mercury outboard 7.5h.p seal #704818
Ranger, Bass Cat, Legend, Skeeter
If he is also a minister or justice of the peace, then yes. The captain of the boat can pronounce you husband and wife as long as the boat length reaches it's requirements which I believe is 60 feet or longer.
I'm not familiar with specs. of the 4.0 V-6. What I can tell you isI pulled my boat (1999 Stratos 17.5' 150 Evinrude) from S.E.Minnesota (Winona) to Yellowstone (1150m) with a LOADED down 1996Chev. Astro van with a 4.3L V-6, auto and I dragged the same boattwice to Port Mansfield, TX. (1550m), once...
According to Tracker Marine, the Bass Tracker is the best selling bass boat on the market.
That would vary as there are many variables, most notably, whatsize outboard are you talking about. Also, is the boat fiberglassor aluminum? For a fiberglass bassboat, 16', with a 60 or 70 HPmotor, you would be in the 2700 - 3100 lbs. range. This all dependson Mfgr. and year of the boat. As far as...
I once had a 6hp motor on a 10ft aluminum boat. It worked well with one man aboard, but had a hard time planing with two people in it. I would say on a lightweight boat of 8ft or less, it should work alright. You won"t be a speed demon, but it should work for a one man rig.
A Boat Trailer VIN# is either stamped into the Ibeam at neck of trailer (where tounge. meets Ibeam) or is stamped on a Vin# and weight plate riveted onto side of Ibeam.
Depends on the boat. Aluminum boat, 65-73. Fiberglass, 60-65.
The Johnson model CD25R, is a 6hp outboard, produced in 1968.
There are many stories, some saying that ships hauling cargo (among them bananas) would sink and that the predominate feature on the surface was yellow bananas. I read that in Florida, charter boat captains have banned all things banana. No lotion with the word banana on it. No muffins with the...
Yes, the idea is to go out on a boat where the sea is deeper. That is why they call it "deep sea fishing." The ocean is usually more shallow closer to the shore and if you fish from the beach it is usually called surf casting or surf fishing or beach fishing.
For a quick temporary fix, wire brush leak inside and outside and apply waterproof silicone sealer. (both sides...let dry) . Answer . first remove all equip from boat, flip it upside down onto saw horses, check for loose rivits, ,[first purchase some alum brazing rods,] can be found at harbor...
The weight would be anywhere between 800, and 2135 lbs, depending on the model and year of manufacture.
Aleutian Ballad,Arctic Dawn,big valley,billikin,cornelia marie,early dawn,erla-n,farwest leader,fierce allegiance,incentive,kodiak,lady alaska,lisa marie,lucky lady,maverick,north american,Northwestern,retriever.rollo,saga,seastar,time bandit,trailblazer,vixen,western viking ,wizard. The ones in...
Without a motor, with trailer 1000 to 1200. add about 400 for a 115 horse motor, and gas. so... between 1300-1800 lbs somewhere I beleive
clarksville tx went out ofbusiness early 90's
Two barbadian fishing boats are: the moses and the ice boat
I saw one today with a 115 and some on line with more than that.
The best way to pass a fishing boat in a courteous manner is withminimum wake and well away from fishing lines.
A trawler is a boat designed to drag large nets along the bottom of the sea to catch fish while in motion,which is otherwise known as trawling
My 1993 Merc had the same problem. The oil lines get very brittle and crack, or worse, break completely and aren't able to carry oil to where it's mixed with the fuel. I used some clear, flexible gas siphon tubing I had laying around that was the same diameter and replaced all the short sections of...
Serial number 35514 show up to be a 1958.. A list of serial number are post on
Towards the stern or aft is towards the rear of the vessel.
Radio antennae , possibly an array, especially if it's a "russian trawler" operating within the International Territory of any country except their own.
A standard 1052 cc engine will typically produce between 30 and 35horsepower. The displacement of an engine does not directlyindicate how much power it produces, but is rather a generalguideline.
Modern shipbuilding practice is to build ships in several subassemblies, called blocks. The blocks are constructed from the ground up, and loaded with as much outfitting (piping, electrical wiring, equipment) as possible. The blocks are built on the ground, and then erected onto the ship. The size...
Usually a blown head gasket will allow cooling water to enter the affected cylinder. This can be detected by observing the spark plugs for water on the electrode, or a clean washed appearance. A gasket blown between cylinders, may show no sign of water, but depending on size of the engine, may be...
what is the weight of 345 ranger bass boat
It is a small flat bottom boat used for navigating the swamps; however, the spelling is pirogue.
It is generally not recommended to put fiberglass over aluminum,however, people do it. An epoxy polymer resin is usually suggested,and the fiberglass should be very clean.
The easiest way to get the history of a boat is go to and enter in the HIN (hull identification number) and you can find the boat's history report. See if it has been in an accident, damaged in a hurricane, run aground, salvaged, submerged, seized, environmental lien, In a fire...
Allison is the fastest bassboat made bullet,gambler,storm,blazer are fast as well it also depends on the driver
I would say about 45 - 50 mph! Hope i helped! I recommend getting a 200 Yamaha 4 stroke they are the best.
They are called a Trawler or a dagger.
Answer . During the attack on Pearl Harbor the U.S.S Nevada tried to make a run for it but they were damaged and too close to the harbor entrance to make it without blocking all passage in or out of the harbor. They chose to ground near the hospital to keep the harbor entrance open and have a...
I have a Klamath boat that I want to sell. However, I have lost the Ownership Certificate. I have sent a "Lien Satisfied/Title Holder Release" for Nations Credit Commercial Corporation to fill out -- sent on March 29, 2012. Can you please respond ASAP. George Wright 725 Whispering Bay Lane Suisun...
I do have an owners instruction book (40 Pages), that I have restored showing not only the Yukon Delta's wiring(yes, I collect Yukon Delta houseboats), but it has the best color coded wiring diagrahms/attachments to the gauges on the dash board and accessory wiring to horns, engine exhaust blower,...
Put it on a rolling road, ask around your area for a place that does dyno runs
The fishing boat was invented in 1912 by Otis Evinrude.
U should check the tow package u have on your odyssey but I don't think so
If the boat sinks, too many people are on it.
The various models made by Basstracker. Although fairly affordable, they maintain good standards, and are dependable.
a flat termination to a stern, above the water line.
Rod collaspable fisher He got the idea from his name
Convoy, also you could use Flotilla.
Not yet but the new Sport V and H Models that are coming out at the end of the year/beginning of next year do have reverse on them.
This depends on what you wife will let you spend ! ha ha. Spend what you can afford, remembering that dependent on the part of the country you are in it may be setting idle for three to six months.
The number three jib is the smallest of three headsails on a sailboat and it is sometimes called a storm jib, because it is the one most likely used during storm conditions. If a boat has more than three headsails, the number three sail would be smaller than number two, but may not be the smallest...
It can be several things. Here are a few simple (cheap) things to check 1. Does the boat have a sub floor that has filled with water? 2. Is the motor trimmed in? 3. Are you using the correct pitch propeller? Once planed does the engine rev to manufacturer's specification? 4. Is the bottom...
Assuming that you are talking about salt-water fishing, small boats are limited by the amount of electronic equipment that they can carry on board, creature comforts including a galley, seating, Stateroom vs. bunks, bathroom facilities including shower, amount of clear rail space, bait carrying...
how do u check timing in a 40 hp yamaha 2 stroke
It needs at least 1,500 feet of rope.
The answer is Germany and Brazil.
The 1983 Mako 20B Center Console without motor is 1,775LBS
Up through 1979 (the latest my list goes) the year of manufacture can be determined from the model number - but you didn't include the model number. It is usually on a small plate attached to the mounting bracket.
There are a number of different types of fishing boat available on the market depending on what type of fishing you want to do. Smaller fishing boats are better for short trips to catch fish such as Makrel or Sea Bass.
Fishing boats are structurials infrastructures that are maintained for and designed to help fish by providing the useful tools in order to catch fish.
There are over 180 manufactures of fishing boats, some of the mostwell known are alumacraft, lund and lowe. they make high qualityboats that will satisfy the most avid fisher to the hobby fisher.See complete list of fishing boat companies at the link below:
If you are fishing from the bank. Can you get the some reading.Theyou in a boat.
Fishing boats have the right away on the waterways. When you go topass one, you should slow down, change direction, and pass behindthe other boat. Boats that are anchored should have a white lightdisplayed.
Dyna-Float was a technology of the time to help give a vibration free ride. the lower bushings keep your motor from creating that vibration feeling on older boats.
Answer . It depends on boat size, motors, and equiptment. It will cost alot less if you keep it covered and dry when not in use. As far as any out board motor goes, when you come in unhook the fuel line. Then start the motor and let it run it's self dry. This prevents "gunk" build up....
(A coracle is a small circular or oval boat, resembling half of anempty walnut shell.) A child can fish from a coracle, but it is difficult for them tomove quickly in one.
Try this site for information:.