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Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer was an author during the 1300s. He wrote many books, but he will always be best known for "The Canterbury Tales."


he wrote about the wife of bath, miller, knight, clerk and the preist there the only ones i know :)
It was Chaucer's father who influenced him.
He apparently had two sons and two daughters. Their names were Thomas Chaucer, Lewis Chaucer, Elizabeth Chaucer (Chaucy) and Agnes Chaucer. As a result of the limited available evidence, any information with regard to Chaucer's descendants is not fully clear. We guess that he and his wife Philippa...
He uses many in several of his works. Courtly Love, Romance, Patience, Social Class, Sin, Corruption of the Church, Christianity, and Decadence are just a few.
chaucer is a great modren poet ,because his poetry still apeals to the modren reader
he lived 57 years which was very long in those times
no he was blinded in 1340
If you are referring to Geoffrey Chaucer, he was the first great author to write in the English language. His most famous work is The Canterbury Tales.
yes, 17 brothers and sisters
in 1360, Geoffrey Chaucer became involved in protracted peace negotiations, on behalf of the king, with the French army.
4, two boys (named Thomas and Lewis) and two girls (named Agnes and Elizabeth)
geoffrey chaucer was a shoe maker, he didnt beleive in what talents his son had, so he left his son to "ruin his life" that is what he said about his son, not very loving is it?
There are over 500 works in his name.
Nature built the most musical mind in ancient England in Geoffrey Chaucer.
Father of English Literature
The General Prologue, is the first part of the Canterbury Tales byGeoffrey Chaucer. Placing his description of the Miller after thatof the Plowman, Chaucer accentuates the virtues of the Plowman andcriminality of the Miller.
Chaucer spoke English, but it was Middle English, quite different from Modern English.
his dad was a wine merchant
Chaucer describes the Cleric as a knowledgeable young student who would do anything to gain more knowledge. Chaucer seems to like this young man's thirst for information and his disregard for getting a job and buying nice things. "Whatever money from his friends he took, he spent on learning or...
merchant and deputy to the King's butler
Geoffrey Chaucer was a Fourteenth century English poet who wrote beautiful verses including the famous Canterbury Tales, Troilus And Crisseyde, etc. At a time when the English language and literature had not elevated and refined enough for an English Renaissance, his poems became in itself a new...
Geoffrey Chaucer was born in 1343 and he died in 1400 - meaning he died at 57 years old.
Chaucer did not write plays--he wrote stories in verse, and he did so at the end of the fourteenth century, around 1380. Shakespeare and the great age of English drama would not arrive for another 200 years.
In 1393, Chaucer was awarded 10 pounds by the King for services tothe crown. This is the closest thing to a modern award that Cahucerever received.
chaucer first start ed writing in 1387 afte r he lost his job
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He is a poet who wrote between 1387-1400. .
The plea Chaucer makes to his readers concerning his own report about the pilgrimage is that they do not think his report is bad because the tales might have been crude.
When Geoffrey Chaucer died, he was 47. But the accurate date of his birth remains unknown.
to become a writer was his goal in his life. duh
William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was an English actor, poet, theatre owner and playwright who wrote numerous poems but is most famous for his plays, some of which, such as Hamlet, are counted as the greatest plays ever written. Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) was an English civil servant who also wrote...
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Times we different back then. "Hostage" does not mean what it meanstoday, and they were treated very well. I believe he actually heldsome high ranking official position in French Court. I am not surewhy this does not get more attention, or even taught.
Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in the late 14th century.
geoffrey chaucer married philippa roet and had 2 kids
Edward lll , Richard ll and Henry lV .
London, united states
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The Middle Ages. He was born in 1343 and died on 25 October 1400.
His birth date is unknown. He was, however, born sometime around 1343.
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The first moral lesson is not to act recklessly The second is never tell a man that his wife is sleeping with another man because he will hate you for it. The third is to always think before you speak The forth is that once you've said something you cannot take it back and you must accept the...
Her name was Agnes Copton, but since she was married to John Chaucer her name, of course, turned on into Agnes Copton Chaucer.
1. Geoffrey Chaucer was an author, poet, philosopher, courtier, and diplomat.
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The dilemma of fate verses free will, of predetermined destiny bestowed by a higher power, the invocation of a higher power, tragedy, the consequences of actions, who do we blame for the misfortunes that happen, do we create our own tragedies. Pick one.
He is best known for writing 'The Canterbury Tales'
Most of the pilgrims are still around- miller, cook, reeve (sheriff) Lawyer, wife, clerk, merchant, physician, nin, priest.
he died in grass and got burried in the ground
Chaucer worked for McDonalds as a Bell Boy, he tolled the bell to warn the beer guzzlers "Gentlemen time" biloo_5
Geoffrey Chaucer (1343? - October 25, 1400) was influenced by twogreat Italian authors whose lifetimes overlapped with his: Giovanni Boccaccio (1313? - July 19, 1374) and Francesco Petrarca (July 20, 1304 - July 19,1374). He additionally was influenced by a great Italian authorwhose post-humous...
He was a page in the household of Prince Lionel. .
Geoffrey Chaucer, not Jeffery Chaucer was the father of English literature. Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the year 1343 and passed away on October 25, 1400.
Geoffrey Chaucer was: . A writer . A philosopher . An alchemist . An astronomer He is known as "the father of English Literature". His most famous literature is probably The Canterbury Tales .
he was buried in westminster abbey in london
One of Geoffrey Chaucer's most famous book is the Canterbury Tales. It is a group of stories that historians suggest were put together somewhere in the late 1380's, or perhaps in the early 1390's. Chaucer wrote in the style of his day in what is called "middle English" and thus has been translated...
Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a brilliant book called "The Canterbury Tales". "The Tales" are about lots of different people going on a pilgrimage.
It is unknown what primary and secondary schools he attended. We only know that he studied Law in London, England in one of the so-called Inns of Court, namely the "Inner Temple".
i n his childhood he probably went to st Paul's school and they learnt arithmetic and Latin - sometimes the teachers made the pupils only speak Latin . at 16 he was the third son to the king Edward 2 nd ,countess of ulster. Made a page in court of Elizabeth and wife of the duke of Clarence ...
Yes, he probably did have a sister named Katherine, not to be confused with Chaucer's sister-in-law Katherine Swynford née (de) Roet , the elder sister of his wife Philippa de Roet. See p. 125 of Peter Ackroyd's biography about Chaucer, which cites an original source from 1419 concerning a Kent...
By 1366 he had married Philippa Roet, who was probably the sister of John of Gaunt's third wife; she was a lady-in-waiting to Edward III's queen.
\nHe went abroad (from England) on diplomatic and commercial missions. it is likely that he may have met people such as Boccaccio or Petrarch.
Around 1343. He died on the 25th October 1400.
Geoffrey Chaucer is most well known as the father of literature for his works in the English language. He is most famous as a poet from the Middle Ages, but was also a philosopher, alchemist and astronomer.
Geoffrey Chaucer wrote his Canterbury Tales at the end of the 14th century. They were written in Middle English in a verse style, like a long poem. It is a set of stories told from the perspective of 30 travelers.
The first lines to the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales are asfollows. "Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote The droghte ofMarche hath perced to the roote."
Geoffrey Chaucer was most known for writing the classic novel, The Canterbury Tales. It was written in the Medieval England time period.
By all accounts, Chaucer (like most people in England at that time) was a Christian. But while he certainly seemed faithful to Christian belief, in some ways he was also a skeptic. For example, his best known work, the Canterbury Tales, used humor and satire to poke fun at people who claimed to be...
Like so many writers of ancient times, the answers are far from known. Chaucer could have been a gambler, and William Shakespeare could have been a fraud. I would suggest that however you think of him, just as you imagine the charachters in his tales: he should remain in your mind.
He was a poet who helped legitimize vernacular languages.
There are several theories about Geoffrey Chaucer's motivation towrite the Canterbury Tales. One theory is that he wanted to createa discussion of social class through his story. Another theory isthat he wanted to obtain immortality through greatness. Compiling120 separate tales into one story was...
His most well known work is the Canterbury Tales
it is unknown about what school he went to.