Give an example of phrase sentence?

Give an example of phrase sentence?
Phrase is not a sentence as it does not have subject and verb. It is a group of related words. Depending on the presence of different parts of speech with associated modifiers the phrase can be of different types such as noun phrase, adjectival phrase, adverbial phrase, prepositional phrase, appositive phrase and absolute phrase. An example of an absolute phrase in sentence: Having travelled widely, John is aware of geography of many countries in Europe.
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Can you give me an example what a phrase is?

A phrase is a group of words, usually successive words, in a sentence that together fill a grammatical or part of speech function that could in principle be substituted by a s (MORE)

Can you give an example of an appositive phrase?

  An appositive is a word or phrase that renames the noun or pronoun before it.   Example:   My brother, a true American hero, is treating the wounded in Iraq.   (MORE)