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Hi have a hayward ec30 earth filter and the bump handle to regenerate the earth is limp it has no resistance at all with the filter on or off..any answers thanks?

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Not sure with an EC30, I have an EC45 but assuming they are similar make sure the steel rod in the center top is attached to the bump handle.

less likely:
With an ec45 you can detach the top of the canister fairly easily and inspect the rubber gasket and fingers inside. look for a tear in the gasket, but you'd probably get D.E. going into the pool if this was the case.
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How do you blow out the pipes on an Hayward DE Earth Filter system on an inground 16 x 32 pool with 2 skimmers and a bottom drain when closing the pool for the season?

The easiest method is to remove the pressure gauge from the top of the filter, and insert an adapter into the female threaded fitting to allow you to introduce compressed air

How do you backwash a pool when the filter uses earth?

that's simple. Backwash the same way you do normally but put the (earth) or diatanacious earth into the skimmer afterwards approx 5 lbs and always make sure you close the back

How do you increase your flow for your Hayward filter?

Before I changed my filtration system al together I used to have a cartridge filter that as it turned out was not big enough to do the job properly, I ended up putting another

How do you vacuum your pool with a Hayward sand filter?

  If you are using a pool vacuum on an extendable rod just plug the hose into the vacuum plate over the leaf basket behind the static skimmer. Leave the sand filter settin

How does a diatomaceous earth filter work?

Basically in a nutshell, diatamaceous earth is a very fine powder that is derived from ground up fossilized remains of extinct animals. Inside a d.e. filter(short for diatamac

Can you use diatomaceous earth in a sand filter?

This is a bad idea. Diatomaceous earth (de) will go right through a sand filter. It will end up back in the pool and then it is almost impossible to get out. Sand goes in sand

Can Diatomaceous earth filter fryer oil?

Of course it can, it is one of the best oil filters available. Do not use the oil for anything other than fuel in your bio-diesel vehicle. After you filter the oil you can

How do I find a Diagram for hayward filter handle position?

My husband and I just went thru this to no avail.... luckily my sister had the same hayward multi port valve and her sticker was still in tact. So on that note.... 12 o'clock

Why is your filter putting earth in pool?

I am assuming this is in regards to a DE fileration for a pool. My experience is that you may have a hole in one of the grids. You will need to take out the grids and spray of