How can snakes kill you?

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snakes can kill you by constricting, biting with venom, or biting without venom

It depends on the snake. Constrictor snakes will wrap around you and practically squeeze the life out of you. Venemous snakes will bite you and inject venom into your bloodstream, with the venom attacking your vital organs, usually causing fatality. Others will actually spit venom into your eye without biting.
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How do you kill a snake?

You must cut off his head and turn the body upside down and you will see something black over there and stab it , cut it or clobber it. You also can clobber it until the snak

Do snakes kill other snakes?

Yes. There are snakes that naturally eat other snakes. Examples are King Snakes of the Americas which often make a meal of rattle snakes, and also the King Cobra is known to e

Can a snake kill you?

Depends on the snake. Typically those snakes that are very large and use crushing power (like a boa constrictor, a python or an anaconda) can kill a human by wrapping itself a

What kills a snake?

well. if look stab him cut of his neck shoot it them r some ways i would kill a snake signed kill the snake now i don't like them

How can you kill a snake?

You can kill a snake by: cutting its head off chucking it into something deadly ( hold it by the head )

What snakes kill other snakes?

King Cobras and Kingsnakes and any other snakes with 'King' in the name will eat other snakes. There are others apart from those mentioned that are ophiophagus (meaning that t

Why are snakes killed?

snakes are sometimes hunted and killed for their meat and sold at a very high price. snakes can also be killed for it's skin, even though they shed it themselves. personally,
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What snakes can kill you?

The snakes that can kill are those which has a poison or what do we call venom.Examples of these are King Cobra and Rattle snakes.
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How do snakes get killed?

they can get killed alot of ways but the most common cause of death is getting ran over on the road
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What can kill snakes?

Wild horses will step on snakes to kill them. Hawks snatch up snakes from the ground, fly high into the air, and drop them to kill them- for food.
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Which snake will to kill you?

Certain kinds of boas and pythons may want to kill you IF you mistreat it. For example 2 people own boas. One holds and handles his every day the other one does nothing and ne