How can you get a loan without a cosigner when you have a limited credit history?

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Car Loans Specialist in USA offers a variety of car finance for your new or used cars with no co-signer. Credit doesn't matter if you have good credit, bad credit or limited credit!  Getting a Loan Without a Co-Signer - Save up for a larger down payment. The more EQUITY you have in the purchase, the more likely you are to get a loan.
So if I happen to have no credit, how am I going to get approved for a car loan?
Well, with the majority of car loan companies, just being young and having little to no credit isn't a factor when it comes to granting an approval. Why is that? Well that's because a auto loan is a secured sort of loan. The lending institutions are protected by the fact that if your loan does go into default they get to take your car.
Usually auto finance companies won't require a cosigner for auto loans up to the $25,000 range. If you happen to be a student, there isn't a need to have a auto loan for a car that costs more than $25,000.

Car Loan financing is what I do for a living and car loans are based on the following factors;

1. LTV (loan to value).
2. Term requested.
3. Age of vehicle.
4. Down payment.
5. Miles on vehicle.
6. Time at residence.
7. Time on job.
8. Monthly income before taxes.
9. Credit score/profile.
10. Total debt to income ratio.

With bad or poor credit, the only way you will be approved for no cosigner car loan is if the LTV is around 85% of wholesale. This is goin to require you to find a dealer that first owns something that far back of book and second is willing to sell it that cheap. Very, very hard to do.

First of all collect some more cash for down payment and then go online and search loan with no credit you will find lots of sites on internet who provide no credit car loans just fill out form they will contact you if you will qualify.
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If you have little or no credit history can you get a student loan without a co-signer?

Well that's a tricky question it depends. There are 5 major types of loans to fund an education. Stafford Loans (sub and unsub) No credit checks are required but they have certain loan limits. 3500 Freshman 4500 2nd year 3rd and beyond $5500 per year. But if your are older than 24, married, in the (MORE)

How do you get an alternative loan with little or no credit as an independent student with no cosigner?

Answer . \nUnless you have property such as real estate, a fairly new car, etc., then you are out of luck. I know it's tough and student loans from the U.S. gov't and the Canadian gov't are the biggest scams going. Don't try to find an easy way out of loaning money or you will end up paying a h (MORE)

How can you get a loan with bad credit without a cosigner?

Answer . \nIt depends. If it's for a car you can go to any bad credit car place and they will give you credit. If it's for a house you can call a bad credit mortgage broker and they will give you a mortgage if you have a downpayment. If it's a small personal loan you need, go to a payday loan or (MORE)

Can you get a student loan with a bad credit cosigner?

Answer . No, so far I have found out without good credit no student loans are available. Except for the federal stafford loans.. RMAK Adds Although it is true that it is much easier to find student loans with good interest rates if you have a great credit rating, but even if you have a bad cr (MORE)

How do you get a student loan with fair credit and no cosigner?

I have had a lot of experience with private student loans that are non-certified (they do not have to go thru your school to get approved). Next Student has a bit more lenient credit guidelines than many other private student loan companies. You might also try Sallie Mae Tuition Answer Loan. Other l (MORE)

Can a student get a private loan without credit or a cosigner?

Answer . It is very hard to obtain a private loan without credit or a co-signer. If you have collateral such as a vehicle/boat, then you may be able to obtain a secured loan from a credit union. Try building credit with a secured card or a student visa with a low limit before attempting to get (MORE)

What can you do if you have no credit history and no cosigner and can't get a student loan and are ineligible for the 60 or 70 grants you researched and FAFSA didn't give you half of what you need?

Answer . \nI had a similar problem. I was actually unable to find a solution, and the employees of more than one college financial aid office that I spoke with had NO advice and were not helpful.\nI have actually been unable to get even HALF as much funding as I need, since Stafford is a joke, i (MORE)

How do you get a loan when you don't have a cosigner and don't know your credit status?

Answer . \nAs to your credit status--you can request a copy of your credit reports from each of the repositories on the\ninternet. Just type in "credit reports"- pick one that will give you all three at once or get one at a time.\nIt will cost you to get your scores so be prepared.\nWhen you ge (MORE)

Can you get a car loan without a cosigner?

That depends on a variety of factors including: your age, creditscore, job history, the down payment you plan to make, the car youwant to buy and the dealer you buy the car from. Smaller and less reputable car dealers will often sell you a carwith little or no money down and a bad credit rating but (MORE)

How do you get a loan without a cosigner?

Answer . \nYou need good credit and/or a good income. Start by applying for Store Cards at Sears, certain clothing stores, or even a gas card and using it every month and paying your bills on time. This will build your credit rating and increase your chances of getting a loan.

How can you get an education loan without a cosigner and poor credit?

LOAN OFFER . You can get your Education loan here even without credit\nI am Mr Habert Robin a private loan lender. I lend out loans to those who are God fearing who will not fail to pay back my money with low interest rate.I do this to help those that are fanacially stressed.I will be able to he (MORE)

Can you get a student loan with bad credit and no cosigner?

Answers from several contributors: . Have you talked to your admissions officer? Are you a single mom? There are a lot of government help that you might want to look into. . Find a cosigner with good credit in order to get a student loan. . try calling a loan officer to find out for sure. some (MORE)

Can you get a loan for a house without a cosigner?

Plenty of homes are sold to individuals without a cosigner. Usually there are only 2 reasons a bank will ask for a co signer. One being, if their prospective client does not have sufficiant funds available to make the estimated mortgage payments and other monthly debt payments and stay under 50% deb (MORE)

Can a person with no credit history get a car loan with a cosigner?

Answer . Yes, as long as the cosigner's credit is in good standing. This is a good way to build credit for yourself.. Answer . Try a KIA dealership. KIA has been known to assist people to build credit.. You will need a good job. (a plus if you have been with the same company for 2yrs or (MORE)

What effect does a student loan have on a cosigner and the cosigners credit?

When you cosign on a loan, you are liable for payment of that loan if the other person does not make payments. Any late payments and other negatives will be reflected on your credit report. The debt will be included in your debt-to-income ratio. If the person makes all payments on time, it could act (MORE)

Are there loans for students without credit and a cosigner?

Answer (FAFSA). The FAFSA is used to apply for all types of federal student aid and serves as your application for the Stafford loan program as well.If you qualify for grants, they help with this too. Both my sons have used this program. There are other lenders out there...if this doesn't work.. (MORE)

How can I get a student loan without a cosigner?

Although it is very difficult to get loan without cosigner. Majority of the students don't apply because they don't have any cosigner. But now a day many organization are helping such student who don't have any cosigner. You can apply for such loan that not required cosigner. These loans called no c (MORE)

How can you get a vehicle loan with no credit and without a cosigner?

Answer It's extremely hard!!! I'm going through something similar right now. I have massive amounts of medical bills from a car accident almost 2 years ago. My credit score has gone down by 200 points leaving me no option but to have someone else sign for me. Which creates another problem. Apparen (MORE)

If you have bad credit can you get a car loan with a cosigner?

If it is a bad credit history still the loan market is full of lenders who are always ready to offer a new loan. But you should meet some conditions, the set of lenders. Loans for people with bad credit are actually easier to get then they never before, thanks to fierce competition among lenders. Le (MORE)

How can you get student loan without cosigner?

You do not need a co-signer for Federal student loans, so be sure to fill out the FAFSA form!. ==. For private student loans, you will need a good credit history, along with other lender-specific eligibility requirements, such as school attendance status, minimum current income levels, etc. If you (MORE)

Can a person with bad credit get a loan with a cosigner with good credit?

Possibly. However, the cosigner needs to understand all the implications should the one needing the cosign on the load default on payments. If the primary borrower doesn't pay the co-signer will be held personally responsible for paying the loan in full. That's what they agree to when they sign as c (MORE)

How much will cosigning a student loan lower your credit score?

Hi- Cosigning a loan will not lower your credit score unless payments are late, or if the borrower defaults and you cannot make the payments yourself. A cosigner is equally liable for the loan, so if you cannot make the payments, you should not sign. The way that cosigning will affect your cre (MORE)

Is there a personal student loan for you without a cosigner bad credit and no job?

The rising costs of college tuition have made it almost a necessity to apply for a student loan today. Students not only have tuition costs, but the cost of books, meals, gas, cell phones, recreation, etc.. The variety of student loans enables students to take care of their varying college expenses (MORE)

How to get a loan for plastic surgery with no cosigner no credit history no job but full time student Help?

Ah, this is what I would like to know. I don't know if that's possible. I think you at least have to have a part time job. But I am a young person who has had gastric bypass and now I need some stuff done and I can't afford it. It sucks. I hope that you figure your stuff out though. I am a full t (MORE)

How can you get a student loan if you have bad credit no cosigner?

Apply for a low limit credit card - $100.00. Use it sparingly and make regular payments for 3 months, pay it off in the 4th month and repeat the cycle for 12 to 18 months. This will establish you as capable of making monthly payments on time and of paying off a debt to a $0 balance. Never be late wi (MORE)

How do you get a loan with no credit and a cosigner?

Without a credit history and a co-signer, you may find it very difficult (really impossible in this environment) to get a traditional loan. I would recommend, if at all possible, to borrow money from friends and/or family if the loan you need is not large since the following options are not ones th (MORE)

How do you get a personal loan with no credit or cosigner?

To get a personal loan with no credit or cosigner you can go online to find an online short term personal loans lending service. They are easy and convenient if you are in need of extra cash between paychecks. One great aspect of short term personal loans is that you do not need a cosigner (MORE)

Can you get a personal loan without a cosigner?

It all depends on your personal credit history. If you have a bad credit history or no established credit then it can be difficult to get a loan. Anyone can get a payday loan but it is not recommended as the interest rates are outrageous. Contact your local bank for more information on how to get a (MORE)

Can most students get a loan without a cosigner?

You can get a loan if you are a student without a cosigner however it can also be a little tricky. I would suggest going to your local bank and chatting to a financial advisor for better advice.