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Sending and Receiving Faxes by PC The ability to use a computer connected to Internet as a fax machine saves time and money in several ways... * No need for a fax machine. * No long distance charges. * No busy signals to listen to since there is no dialing at all. Several companies now offer online faxing services. The most popular of them are 101Fax, MyFax and CallWave. The concept is simple: you get a fax number that's tied to your email. When someone faxes to it, the fax is converted to a file and emailed to you as an attachment. You can also send faxes directly from your email address to any fax number in the world. 101Fax pioneers and specializes in a Pay-Per-Use online faxing service, which means no monthly fees ($0/month). You only pay everytime you send a fax. Their monthly plans start at $4.50/month. Features include unlimited inbound faxing, fax number (local and toll free available) fax broadcasting, international faxing, and more. MyFax is an inexpensive North America and UK oriented service. The service costs $10/month or $110/year and includes sending 100 pages and receiving 200 pages monthly. Additional pages (if you receive more than 200 or send more than 100 per month) cost $0.10 each. CallWave Fax is a more affordable service for those who only need to receive faxes. You get a personal fax number. Faxes sent to it are converted to Adobe PDF files and delivered to you as email attachments. There's no limit to the number of faxes you can receive per month. You can try it free for 30 days, then $7.95 per month.
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How do you send a fax via email?

You need an internet fax service provider. It could be free or withpay. Free is limited.

Can you send an online fax to a fax machine?

Yes you can send online fax or FOIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) to a regular fax machine. There are dozens of services out there offering online fax service like RingCentral,

You can send a fax out but cannot receive a fax?

The reason of this might be:   1. No supplies like paper ink and others use for printing the fax.   2. If it is connected through computer, it might be firewalled or b

How do you send fax to email?

Using internet fax you can send faxes to email and also to traditional fax machine. reference: http://www.ringcentral.com/fax/emailfax.html

Can you send and receive faxes on laptop?

A: Yes you can as long as your laptop has the necessary online fax software and you have the online fax account. Any way, when you subscribe for the service you will be provid

How do you send a fax to email addresses?

To send a fax to an email you must go through a third party website such as efax. Many of these websites charge a service fee for sending your fax through an email.

Can you send a fax to your bosses email?

It is possible to send faxes to email accounts, but only if your company has the proper software installed and available for your use. If you do not have the software, there a

How do you send an online fax from your home?

There are a number of downloadable programs, some of them free and some of them paid, that will allow you to send a fax from your home. FaxFromHome is probably the best choice
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Is it possible to send a fax by email?

In order to send a fax by email, one would have to acquire an Internet abased fax service like eFax or FaxZero. These services offer a subscription fax service or a fax quota
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How is it possible to send a fax online?

To fax a document online the document must be saved on the sender's computer hard drive. They would then use an online fax company to send the document to the receiver. Some c