How did immigration affect America?

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Immigration has had a major effect on the United States. Other than the Native Americans that were on the continent when Columbus arrived, everyone has immigrants in their history.

Who immigrated to America?

In the early nineteenth century, most of the immigrants to theUnited States came from Ireland and Germany. In the late nineteenthcentury, they came from many other countries,

How does immigration affect you?

In my opinion, immigration doesn't affect people because it's justnew people entering from other states. But in a way, it does affectsome people. It affects people because the

Why did the Norwegians immigrate to America?

My mom's parents are from Norway, and they both came for completely different reasons. On the higher note of the two, my grandmother came to see what America was like, for she

How did Chinese immigrants affect America?

Alot of Chinese names thru-out California due to the Chinese gold prospectors in 1849; China Camp, China Wall, etc. The railroad would've took alot longer to build, as only th
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How do immigrants get to Americas?

they meet people and they tell them that they should go to America because its great so they go and yeah they stay