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How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor change the course of World War 2?

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this bombing forced Americans to go to war when previously they did not want involvement
It changed the course of WW2 because it fored the American Millitary to enter World War when before they wamted no involvement. As a result of the attack the American Millitary bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The attack also marked the beginning of the Pacific War.
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What were Japanese Tactics for the World War 2 attack on pearl harbor?

  Answer   The task force was ordered (Order Number 7) to engage the enemy fleet if encountered. The whole operation was obviously meant to be conducted in secret. I

Did the bombing of Pearl Harbor start World War 2?

No, WWII had already been going on before the USA became involved. Germany (referred to as Nazi-Germany when Hitler was its Führer or leader) had started wars with its neighb

How did the US rebuild Pearl Harbor after World War 2?

The U.S.A rebuilt the harbor in 1954 after the war. Japan was charged 120 million American dollars so that they paid for the damasge they did.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect the outcome of World War 2?

Answer     The attack on Pearl Harbour affected the outcome of World War II because this now brought in another power house country. The United States were wanting t

What is the difference between Pearl Harbor and World War 2?

  Answer     Pearl Harbor was an attack on the US by Japan that precipitated the US entry into WWII. It occurred on Dec 7, 1941.     World War II was a co

How did the attack on pearl harbor lead into World War 2?

    WW2 actually began with the Invasion of Poland on 1 Sept 1939. The US tried to stay out of the war. It wasn't until Japan attacked the US did the US declare war.

What World War 2 battle changed the course of the war?

The battle of Midway. The US navy struck a major blow on the Japanese the Battle of Britain which showed two things: The Germans were not invincible and they were not going to

If Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor would World War 2 have still occured?

Well personally i think WWII was already going on. But The U.S. was unsure of its standing in the War, and FDR did not want to get involved. so its my opinion that if japan ha