How do reset a Honda Accord radio that says Error E?

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Unlocking Error E on Honda Accord I had the same problem after my battery died and I didn't know what "Code" meant so I just pushed buttons until I got Error E and it locked up. You need to disconnect one battery terminal for 30 seconds or so, then reconnect, and the radio will say "Code" again. Type in the 5 digit code found on the Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card (a white credit card size card that comes with the vehicle at the time of purchase). This will unlock the radio and return it to a functional state. It worked for me, so I hope that helps.
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I discovered a very easy and FREE way to fix your radio. Make sure your radio is OFF. Hold down the preset buttons 1 and 6 at the same time. Turn the radio on and your SERIAL NUMBER will appear. 4 numbers first and then 4 more. Write them down (obviously) then call (800) 999-1009. Make sure you have your VIN number handy because they will ask for it. They will ask for your name and approx. milage, and your radio's serial number. They will then give you your radio unlock code--WRITE IT DOWN!

IF you have the VIN#, and are registered with Honda, you can go to their website You will need to enter your VIN#, registered phone number and zip code as well as your radio/nav serial number (retrieval process detailed above). The site walks you through the inputs and if successful, then spits either your radio code or nav code.
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How do you reset a radio error code 1 on a 2001 Honda Accord?

The car comes with a card. It looks White like a credit cardand it has your radio's numbers. It should be 5 numbers. Then youdisconnect the battery wait about 15 seconds, reco

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Here are the steps if your radio on your accord (mine was a 2004 with NAV) First find the radio code that came with the car .... if you bought it new there should have been

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Power the radio, and then enter the anti-theft code using the preset numbers at the bottom of the radio. If the anti-theft code is unknown, contact Honda with the 17-digit veh

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I would say the easiest least complicated way to do that on any car would be to cut the power to it completely. Pulling a specific fuse might do the trick, but if you want to

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I assume you meant radio error code. -be careful- ... the dealer you got the Honda from will have a code you need to type into the stereo to unlock it. I believe you get six a

Honda Accord 1998 radio code error 1?

means the anitheft kicked in. It happened to me when we changed the battery in my 1998 Honda accord lx. It does this so when someone steals your radio they can't use it, not t
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You have to enter the radio code than came with the vehicle on a small plastic card. If you cannot find the code then go to the Honda Owner's link I will post and register you
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What the code to reset radio in a 2003 honda accord?

No one can tell you the code as it is specific to the radio in your can and no others. The get the code go to the link I will post and sign up at the Honda Owners Link. After
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Insert the 5 digit code in the radio with the radio presets. If you do not have the code then go to honda owners link and register your Honda. There you can get the code for f
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call your orig dealer and ask for the radio code if you dont have it i think the radio gives you 2 or 3 attemtps to input the radio code, if you dont get it right it will lock
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Enter the 5 digit code into the radio using the presets. If you do not know the code click the link I will post and register your vehicle at the Honda Owners Link. There you c