How do you adjust the parking brake on a 1987 Pontiac Fiero?

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You know the Murphy's Law about when you assume something? It works really good on a Fiero. Raise the rear of the vehicle. Remove both rear wheels and watch the action of the park brake levers on the calipers as a helper pulls the hand brake lever inside of the vehicle. Do both levers move approximately the same distance? Are both return springs in good condition? They should push the levers back to the stops on the calipers. If yes, then the cable adjustment (located at the rear of the cradle frame) is probably OK. Since the park brake auto-adjustment mechanism is located inside of the rear caliper piston, it cannot be viewed. Pull the Park Brake lever inside of the vehicle as far as it will go. Pump up the brake pedal until it has a hard pedal. Release the park brake. Repeat about three times. If the auto-adjuster is working properly, you should see an improvement in Park Brake operation.
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