How do you find a dns server address?

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If you are using a PC, click the start button. Select the run command. Type CMD into the box and press enter. When the black box pops up type the following line in
ipconfig /all
Look through the data to see what your DNS address is.

If you are using a Mac. Go to the System Preferences. Click on the Network Icon Double Click on the Ethernet icon if you have an ethernet cable plugged in (Looks like a wide phone jack) Double Click on the Airport card if you are using wireless internet. The DNS servers will be listed under the TCP/IP Tab.
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How do you find your DNS server address?

You see a Local area connection icon at the task bar in the right side,don't you? OK..then 1.right click on that icon.. status 3.Click the details tab in

What is dns server address?

The DNS server address refers to the reserved addresses that areused in each of the local network. The router on that networkusually connects the users to the internet.

How do you find caching only DNS server?

Caching only DNS servers is a computer that either has MS Windows Sever 2000, 2003 or 2008 operating system installed on it. Then it has a DNS server role installed on it (thi
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Where can one find out more about a dns server address?

On a computer running a Windows operating system, you can find your DNS Server Address by clicking Start> Settings> Network connections. Then double click on Local Area Connec
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How can you find the DNS address of a computer?

You can find the DNS address of a computer by typing "ipconfig /all" into the command prompt. To open the command prompt, type "CMD" into the run box and press enter.