How do you fix the heater core on a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS?

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The heater core and evaporator are in a box together underneath the center of the dashboard against the firewall. My service manual seems to indicate that they both must come out at the same time to access either. Presuming this is correct, here we go.
Disconnect battery and wait half hour to disable SRS
Evacuate AC
Drain coolant. (It is not necessary to drain it completely.)
Disconnect AC liquid tube and suction hose. (Engine compartment firewall.)
Remove instrument panel and reinforcement.
Dicsonnect heater hoses. (Engine compartment firewall.)
Remove AC container box.
Remove heater core and evaporator from box.
Assembly is the reverse. Fill heater core and hoses with coolant to eliminate as much air as possible before installation.
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