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How do you get a student loan without a co-signer?

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Federal loans (such as the Stafford loan) are not based on your credit history. You will not need a co-signer, or good credit. With private loans there is no way around needing a good credit history.
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  • If you're in foster care, talk to the people. There is a program which provides tuition, room and board money to children who were in foster care until they went to college.
  • The answer above suggests Stafford loans as a solution. The problem with Federal Government loans like Stafford are that the student with no credit history can not fully fund their tuition with a Stafford loan. Stafford has very low limits (like 2,650.00 in freshman year). As a parent it was my expectation that my daughter would just get student loans on her own to fully pay for her own college without involving her parents. We can not afford to pay her tuition and have never started a college fund as we could not afford it. And now our income is better but we can not afford to pay it without changing our lifestyle. Anyway, I decided to help my daughter by applying for a PLUS Parent loan but was rejected due to bad credit. I was told that she can get additional Fed. Stafford funds up to another $4,000. That helps but she really needs the whole amount of the tuition and room/board. In this case she needs a total of $10,000 per year. Stafford sucks.. they should not cap the amount that can be borrowed. The student should be able to borrow the whole tuition amount without help from parents.
  • Its a sad situation; my parents lost their jobs and I have been working free-lance on and off so i have no steady income or credit thus still dependent on my parents somewhat. My parents makes 45,000/per year combined so I filled out a form stating based on my condition i am not able to afford any other loans other than the Government Stafford loan. I only receive a limit and wasn't able to receive any more cause they said my parents income was kind of high even though they aren't working. Come on now such hypocrisy; I filled out a special circumstances form but that would take 2 months, by that time school essentials would need to be met at couple weeks before school start. Only a miracle is needed, and none is presenting themselves. I did couple scholarships but when they are issued out it would be in mid-term, so I guess what other opinions are there? Parent Plus and Signature Loan i cant get that completed cause for one my parents have their own loans to pay off, they have no source of income right now, and finally their credit isn't that great. I explained this to my school but they say i must fill a form out which apparently is gonna take forever to be reviewed. Being a student well I should say being a young American and the seed for the future of this country my options are limited, I'm not saying the government should sponsor every child in its boundaries, but the ones who cant get an alternative loan should able to get the Stafford loan at its maximum because either way you put it we are still going to have to pay back the government money we borrowed with interest.
  • FAFSA, is a very good thing to look into.
  • As long as you have a co-signer that makes above $19,000/year the question is more based on the student's credit history than anything else. If the child is a ward of the state, then there are other options available and almost any school will have financial aid people that will assist. ANYONE who makes over $19k a year can cosign a loan UP TO THE COST OF ATTENDANCE FOR THAT YEAR MINUS ANY OTHER FINANCIAL AID. The parents credit matters, but not that much. The co-sign part is just so the lending institution knows they can go to the parent if the student defaults on the loan.
  • It is impossible to get a student loan without a co-signer even if the co-signer makes over $19,000 as another person as suggested. I was the victim of a scam and my credit got ruined. My Dad has excellent credit but no one will approve a student loan with him as a co-signer because he's only been at his current job for 6 months. My fiance has ok credit and makes almost $40,000 and they wouldn't accept him as a co-signer either. I have applied to every bank and loan company I could find on the internet. I even started calling to find out their minimum credit scores to see if it would even be worth while to apply. I got the same answer each time "we don't give out that information". They all just wanted me to apply and "see" if I will get approved. I told them I know they wouldn't approve me because I've applied to all of them before. (I was able to get some negatives off my credit report and raise the score to 610 but no one will tell me if that's high enough and all want to run my credit again! That will show as an inquiry and cause it to go down even more!!)
  • Federal banks offered loan without a cosigner.
  • Check out facts & figures about the no cosigner signature loans. Try for this loans when all the options are closed.
  • You can have various federal loan grants and also various private student loans lenders are in the market.
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