How do you get a swimming pool to have that clear blue color you typically see in nice pools?

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I have found with communicating with other pool owners that the color of your liner has alot to do with the water color. My pool is blue and white which gives the water that tint. If you have trees or other objects that reflect in your pool that affects the true color. Although it may not look clear it probably is! When I reopen my pool for the summer you can differently tell that it is not clear,but alittle TLC and its back to normal. I use chemicals from a company called "In The Swim." I purchase a spring start up kit and follow the directions and usually within a week or less my pool is crystal clear. I do my weekly test to make sure that the chemical balance is where it needs to be. I treat it when nessecary and in the winter I purchase a winterizing kit.  
Though chemicals from the above mentioned chemical are of very low quality,And your pool dealer who says the liner is the reason.have a little credibility Balanced water is the key to color. Chlorine 3.0 ppm Ph 7.4 Alkalinity 100 ppm Calcium in the 250 350 ppm range and a cyanuric acid level of about 60-80 for outdoor pools,Your water will be a carribean blue. I service pools in Utah and have the prettiest color in the valley.Pay attention to detail
A: The color of the liner etc may have some influence on the color or appearance of the water but proper water chemistry and filteration are key ingredients to sparkeling water.
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