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I live in Phoenix and in early March I had a Mallard and Drake that decided my pool was a nice watering hole to visit. They would poop on the deck and then walk in it and poop in the pool. I put a plastic owl on the edge of the deck, moved it daily, it didn't do anything. I bought a blow up alligator and let it float around, the next morning I noticed what might have been a dropping, but I wasn't positive. Not taking any chances, I stopped at Lowe's and bought a 100' piece of water proof orange nylon rope, strung it back and forth across the pool. It looked silly, but no more ducks. I left the rope on for a couple weeks, it's been off for a week now, first week of April, and still no more ducks.

You can also call your local wildlife conservator and ask for them to come and remove the ducks. They will relocate them to a more appropriate location.

I have found a perfect solution.Wrap reynolds wrap or aluminum foil around brick like a gift... place around the deck of your pool. I had about 20 ducks a day and they were a nusence..dirty and constant. The ducks don't like the shiny and so this cheap method has worked perfectly!! Kept the stuff out for about 3 weeks and no ducks have returned at all!! I also had my pool raft floating with object wrapped in foil on top...easy and totally works!!!!
You need to change their habit. Relocation while effective in the short term will not ultimately successful. Products like Kings Duck Solution are naturally designed to move the ducks away and for good. Ropes, relocation and shiny objects are the tales of old wives. Kings Duck Solution has been born from a need and now answers this age old problem of ducks gathering and fouling - safely.
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Are chemical in swimming pool dangerous to ducks and ducklings?

No, but if they swim in your pool a lot, the duck poop is going to make the water murky. Ducks and swimming pools are not a good combination. Pool sanitisers such as chlorin

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Lanthalum based compounds have been very effective in removing phosphates from Pool Water.   A compnay called LO CHLOR has a product called STARVER which has good reviews.

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the first question one must ask himself is, does the duck have two legs? if so it will not be swimming erratically in circles, which can lead to endangerment of by swimmers in

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There was a product called "no more ducks" that broke the watertension that enabled ducks to float. It was withdrawn from themarket 12 months ago and has not been sited since.

How do you get rid of calcium deposits from an in ground swimming pool?

You can try Biodex 300 if the mineral deposit is just a film (CAUTION IT'S DANGEROUS). If it is thicker you can try a pumice stone (CAUTION MAY SCRATCH TILE). You can hire som
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How do you prevent ducks in a swimming pool?

Ducks love your pool because it is a safe place to stay, swim, preen and socialise. Ducks see you pool from above as a waypoint while doing their daily routine. Your task is t
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Duck droppings when left to dry on the side of the pool can harbour a mould that will cause long term sickness if ingested. Small children are at risk of course. When ducks

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There are a few ways to get rid of dirt in your swimming pool.  Firstly there is a chemical that you can get in which will force  all dirt suspended in the water to sink to