How do you get someone to take you somewhere?

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How do you get your mom to take you somewhere?

I always cry and scream when i want to go somewhere and i can so this is what i do instead:. 1.Ask niclely if my mom will let me go. 2.keep bugging her until she says yes.

How do you persuade your parents to not take you somewhere?

well ... in order to persuade your parents to take you somewhere you have to be responsible,do your chores but most of all you have to explain to your parents why you should g

How do you convice your sister to take you somewhere?

Here is how to convince your sister to take you somewhere step by step: 1. Ask her if you can go to the "place that you want to go" very politely and nicely. Make sure that
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How do you bribe your mom to take you somewhere?

Tell her that you have to. Say it's for school if she dosen't agree than say you really need to go because it will be an experience or you doing a project than say ill ask my