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Most commonly, the virus travels through the air in liquid droplets from coughs and sneezes . Viruses prefer the wintry conditions of cold air with low humidity. In humid air, the droplets grow heavy with water and fall to the ground-or to other surfaces.

Answer 2: Flu is caused by a virus, which is a microscopic agent that infiltrates living cells and commandeers their machinery to reproduce more viruses. The flu virus, which attacks the respiratory system, is passed from one person to another primarily in droplets of body fluids expelled when the infected person sneezes, coughs, or even talks. A pandemic occurs when an outbreak affects many people over a wide area. Six ways to protect yourself: cover that cough, wash hand, ventilate your home, keep it clean, if sick, try to stay home and avoid personal contact.
Answer also:Today we know that influenza is caused by a virus and that it can be spread from person to person in respiratory secretions expelled by coughing, sneezing, and talking.* It is present worldwide even in the Tropics, where it can strike year-round. In the Northern Hemisphere, flu season runs from November to March; and in the Southern Hemisphere, from April to September.

Influenza type A, the most dangerous type of flu virus, is small in size compared with many viruses. It is usually spherical, with projections from its surface. When this virus infects a human cell, it reproduces so rapidly that often within about ten hours, a swarm of between 100,000 and a million new influenza virus "copies" explode from the cell.

The scary characteristic of this simple organism is its ability to change quickly. Because the virus reproduces so rapidly (far faster than the HIV virus), its many "copies" are not exact. Some are different enough to escape the immune system. That is why we face different flu viruses every year, which present a new set of antigens-substances that test our immunity. If the antigen changes sufficiently, our immune system has little defense against it and there is risk of a pandemic
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What is the flu?

Also called the Seasonal Flu, the 'flu' is short for influenza. It is a viral infection which attacks the respiratory system. Some of its symptoms are coughing, sneezing, head

What can flu do to you?

Usually it will only make you ill for a week to 10 days. It will make you feel sick like a really bad common cold with runny nose, fatigue, malaise, coughing, fever, and heada

What is a flu?

Influenza, or flu, is a respiratory illness that is caused by a virus.

How can you get the flu?

You could get the flu from not washing your hands, being around people with upper respiratory infections, and touching your face. You also should get a flu shot to not get the

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yes, i hate it. i was trying to go to Winter jam for 2 years straight but i unfortunately had the flu.

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Lye in bed on that day. If you proceed to vomit, take sips of water to hydrate and if you still throw that up, just wait a while. Usually you get the chills, so get a warm bla

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by letting the food get manky and when green looking smoke comes out of it then eat it and they will get the flu. by letting the food get manky and when green looking smoke c

What does the Flu do?

Usually it give you the chills, sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, body ache, etc.

How do you get the flu when you already got a flu shot?

There are many different types of flu and the seasonal flu shot only prevents three of the most likely to be circulating flu viruses. So if you happened to get exposed to a t

What do you do if you get the flu?

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and juices, go to thedoctor and get meds to help with symptoms, and rest. The Fluusually lasts 7-11 days. Answer: Keep yourself away f

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Usually during the flu season, but not exclusively. For example the H1N1/09 pandemic began in spring 2009 and continued throughout the next several seasons. You catch the f

Why do you have the flu?

You have the flu when your body has been infected with an influenza virus. It is an infectious disease, so you "caught" it from someone else who was infected with it. The m

What is flu A?

That refers to Type A influenza viruses that are common with ourseasonal flu. There are two flu types that humans get: Type A andType B. The flu vaccine contains some of both