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You learn to speak Italian by growing up in an Italian language speaking environment. Or you learn it by studying the language by exchange programs, in school, on the Internet, or through immersion classes. Or you learn it by traveling to Italy. Or you learn it by working with Italian language speakers. It's the combination of regular, steady listening and speaking practice that produce the successful Italian language speaker.
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Where in the world do people speak Italian?

Wherever it is the official language and wherever there are substantial Italian immigrant communities are the main locations in which Italian language speakers may be found. S

Why do Italians not speak Latin?

For the same reason that British people don't speak Old English. Much of Southern Europe spoke Latin 2000 years ago, due to conquest by the Roman empire. But, like any languag

Does Selena Gomez speak Italian?

She speaks a little bit of Italian. Due to her mom's background heritage comes from Italy. But she mostly speaks Spanish from her father's Mexican ancestry

Does Martin Scorsese speak Italian?

Yes , Martin Scorsese speaks Italian. Specifically, the world-famous director in question (born November17, 1942) is of Italian descent on both sides of the family. Hisfather

Can Lady Gaga speak Italian?

Lady Gaga is not at all ashamed of her Italian-Sicilian origin...  In fact she has many times said how proud she is of her  Italian-Sicilian heritage! Lady Gaga confessed at

Does Ethiopia speak Italian?

Some Ethiopians do speak Italian due to the effects of the Italian colonization under Mussolini's fascist regime, but it's a very small percentage.

What celebrities speak Italian?

Quite a few celebrities speak Italian. Here are a few that are fluent, or semi-fluent in the Italian language: Kobe Bryant- basketball player Audrey Hepburn- actress Clint Eas

How do you speak in a southern Italian accent?

If you are not from southern Italy and wish to speak with a  southern Italian accent, you would need to spend time listening to  people speaking with that accent. In additio

What is 'I am speaking Italian' when translated from English to Italian?

Io sto parlando italiano is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "I am speaking Italian." The pronunciation of the declarative statement in the first person sin