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How do you remove a stuck plug from a wall socket?

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The very first thing you have to do is kill the power to that outlet at the breaker or fuses. If you don't have a meter to check it, plug a radio in, turn it on, then start pulling fuses or tripping breakers until the raido goes off. If the plug has arced and welded itself into the socket, you may be better off replacing the outlet and starting all over again. If you don't know anything about electricity, get someone with the training and equipment to do the job safely.
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You can try to use some needle nose pliers. Get a good grip then twist and pull at the same time. Just work it it will eventually come out. They do make spark plug boot pliers

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No wires have to be removed and the safest way to check a wall socket outlet is to use a plug-in "Household Socket Outlet Tester" that you can buy in most Do-It-Yourself store

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