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Latin, although a dead language, is not an extinct language. It exists all over the place, in ways and shapes that you may never even notice. If you're determined to learn the wonderful language of the Roman Empire, there are many books and online resources to learn how. It's very difficult to learn without some help, because it is a fusional language, meaning that the ending of the word changes on what its function is in a sentence. An example would be: curro, 'I run'. But if I wanted to say 'they run', it would be currunt. And if I wanted to say, 'You ran', it would be 'cucuristi.' And so on and so forth. There are so many possibilities for a word, making it difficult to learn. But, persistence and diligence will get you through till fluency.

Latina longa est, sed vita brevis est.
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Who used to speak Latin?

Latin was the language of the Roman people and the lingua franca ofthe Roman Empire.

Who speaks Latin?

No one speaks Latin as a native language. There are conversational Latin classes and workshops, however, where students and lovers of the language learn how to speak it to one

What Latin American countries speak Latin?

Latin is not spoken in Latin America. Latin is a dead language.That means it is no one's mother tongue or native language. It wasonce the language of Rome and the Roman Empire

Where can you speak Latin?

There is a limited number of opportunities for exercising your conversational Latin, but one is the Conventiculum Latinum held annually at the University of Kentucky. This i

What is the Latin root word of the Latin for 'to speak'?

Dicere is the Latin root word that means 'to speak'. The word in Latin is an infinitive. The first person singular form in the present indicative is 'dico', which means '[I]

What is the Latin for speak?

The Latin verb to speak is loqui . This is a deponent verb, which means that it is conjugated using passive forms even though the meaning of the verb is active. In the prese

Do they speak Latin?

Latin is no longer spoken today. It is still taught in schools and universities because it is the basis for many modern languages, for example Italian, French, Spanish, Englis

Do British people speak Latin?

England people don't speak in latin. In old days other contries use to but now none of people speak in Latin. England people only speak in English or American or more but most

What is Latin for speak?

There are numerous ways of saying "speak" dependent on context, but the most general word would be dicare. That's the infinitive, so "I speak" = dico , etc.

Can banana speak Latin?

I wasn't aware that fruit are able to speak languages.

How do you say i speak Latin in Latin?

The word for 'Latin' is a bit tricky. 'Linguam latinam narro' would be 'I speak the Latin language.' _____________________________________________________________ The u

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cur dice latina EDIT: That is not a grammatical translation at all :) Without more input, there are a few ways to take the questions you asked: Why should (I) speak Latin Wh