How long does a Mormon funeral take?

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This is entirely up to the wishes of the individual or the family. Some might wish to have a short funeral and some may wish to have a long one.

A pretty typical Mormon funeral would be as follows:
Viewing: This is usually an open-house type format and is held for a few hours before the main service. This enables you to give your personal condolences to the family or to say your goodbyes to the deceased.
Funeral Service: This is usually about an hour, although it could be shorter or longer. It would consist of prayers, hymns, eulogies from friends and family, and possibly a short sermon from a church leader.
Grave Dedication: The funeral party usually travels to the cemetery where a short grave dedication ceremony is held (expect about 15-30 minutes).
Luncheon: It is common that the local Mormon congregation will provide lunch or dinner for the mourners immediately following the funeral. This is usually quite casual and you can leave when you like.

It is not expected that everyone will attend all four of these events, although you may if you wish. Most who are not close family or friends attend just the main funeral service or stop in during the viewing to greet the family.

Customs vary in other areas of the world, but this format is pretty common among Mormon funerals in the US, Canada, and Europe.
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