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How many French speaking cities are there?

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How many people in Cameroon speak french?

The de facto languages of Cameroon are French and English, however, French is by far the most recognized language in the nation; except in the northwest and southwest regions

How many Canadians can speak French?

about half the population. __ Half? I hope no one put that down for their home work. 6.8 million Canadians or 22.7% of the Canadian population are French speaking. __ Act

What city between Toronto and Montreal where many people speak both English and French?

  The Ottawa-Gatineau area is really the only one. It's closer to Montreal than to Toronto, but since this metropolitan area straddles the Ontario-Quebec line, it's the on

How many continents speak french?

French is widely spoken on three continents : North America (Canada), Europe, and Africa (northern parts and former colonies). Another area would be many Pacific islands of Po

How many French-speaking countries are there?

About 36 total countries speak French in some capacity, 28 officially. If you want a full list, try looking for "French language" on Wikipedia. Most of the countries are in Af

How many countries speak French?

15 33 countries in the world speak French.   French is spoken in 32 countries :   France (obviously) BelgiumBeninBurkina FasoBurundiCameroon Canada (Québec) Central

How many people speak French?

Approximately 90-100 million people speak French (as their first language). This includes the people of France, Quebec, countries in west Africa (which were former French colo

How many people speak French in Lebanon?

In 2009, French was the first 'foreign' language for the Lebanese. It was spoken and understood by 45% of the Lebanese population, ahead of English (30%). French is less dev