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How many Louis Vuitton stores in India?

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There are 3 Louis Vuitton Stores in India
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What is Louis Vuittons relationship with PETA?

Louis Vuitton and PETA do not have any type of relationship. PETAcondemns anyone who makes products out of animal hide. They claimthat livestock pollution is bad for the envir

What is Louis vuitton attitude?

Very hot, Im getting one this weekend...much cooler than LV evidence glasses that half of Miami wear. Louis Vuitton Attitude Sunglasses ($530), which are available in silve

Did Louis Vuitton start on his own?

no, Madonna was his close friend and she helped advertise his early fashion designs, for this reason, Madonna earns 30% of all of Louis' income!

Has anyone heard of the internet store Pendoza and do they sell authentic Louis Vuitton seconds?

Very satisfied with the bag i bought from pendoza. I personally compared it with same model in louis vuitton store and it is aunthentic the material use is exactly the same. I