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As of July 2005 there were an estimated 70 million blogs in the world. There were an estimated 700,000 in Canada.

These figures are from the Blog Herald Article of Blog Counting
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How many pages does a blog have?

Every blog is different and the number of pages it has depends on how many the author decides to make. Some blogs may have zero page and others may have 200. There is no set n

Are blogs and blogging safe?

Yes.   Yes, if you share your thoughts, ideas, poems, pictures and just  generally have fun.   To begin blogging, you firstly need to create a safe site that may  no

What are blogs about?

Blogs are basically small-sized websites that are store houses of information. It can be of any topic, any style or any language. They reflect the views of a particular person

Why were blog invented?

Blogs were invented to express your ideas or to socially interact with friends and get updates

What is blog and how to write blog and how to resister it?

WHAT IS "BLOG"? "From "Web log." A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a

How can you get a blog?

Getting a blog is a very simple process. Decide on the purpose of your blog - It may center around a specific topic or about everything under the sun. It may be for a busines

What is a blog?

A blog is an information or discussion published on website orWorld Wide Web,called as posts. Basically, the blog is referred aseverything thing where you can include others t

What is a biz blog?

A biz blog is a business blog. The word "biz" is a slang term for "business."

What can you do on a blog?

Its up to you what do you want to add in your blog. It depends upon  your requirement. There are some options available to add pictures,  videos, infographics, anchor text l

What is a munu blog?

  Answer   Is it a blog with a URL ending in .mu.nu such as everydaystranger.mu.nu?

Where do you blog?

You can use any of the free blogging platforms available on the web or host your own blog (e.g. Wordpress). There are so many website like blogger.com Or go to shareapicpic.b

What is a directory blog?

A directory blog, also known as blog catalog, is a list of blogs available online where blogs are arranged and grouped categorically. Blogs can also be searched in a blog dire

How can you access blogs?

Blogs are accessible via search engines, a direct link or even by pasting their URL (web address) in the browser.   Blogging   It's easy to find blogs from all across

How do you promote a blog?

Wow! There are so many opportunities for you. Some include: - Write articles using keywords with high search demand (so the search engines find you). - Answer questions an