How many cities are named Miami?

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there are 54 cities that are named miami..... .....
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How many miles from Miami to Mexico City?

It is important to know the mileage traveled if a person is goingfrom place to place. From Miami, Florida, to Mexico City, Mexico itis between 2124.4 miles (3,419 km) and 2232

List of all cities named Miami?

Miami Florida. Miami Oklahoma. Miami Ohio. Miami Missouri Miami New Mexico. Miami Texas. Miami Iowa. Miami Indiana. Miami West Virgina.

How the city of Miami got its name?

The city of Miami is named after the Mayaimis who were a tribe of Native Americans living around Lake Okeechobee. The group took their name from the lake, which was then calle

How many miles from Oklahoma City to Miami?

It is 1,480.86 miles to Miami, Florida and only 194.09 miles to Miami, Oklahoma. Perhaps the Oklahoma destination would be a better choice if it is only for a long weekend