How many cities are named Miami?

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there are 54 cities that are named miami..... .....
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How many miles are between Miami and Panama City Panama?

About 1163 miles. Here's why:. Miami, FL is about 25.8 degrees North latitude. Panama City, Panama is about 9.0 degrees N. The difference is about 16.8 degrees, or .293 radia

How did Miami get its name?

Miami Florida, USA, was officially incorporated as a city on July 28, 1896 with a population of just over 300. It was named for the nearby Miami River, itself named for the Ma

How many feet above sea level is the city of Miami?

Miami, FL is listed as 6 feet above sea level.

How many miles from Miami to Mexico City?

It is important to know the mileage traveled if a person is goingfrom place to place. From Miami, Florida, to Mexico City, Mexico itis between 2124.4 miles (3,419 km) and 2232

List of all cities named Miami?

Miami Florida. Miami Oklahoma. Miami Ohio. Miami Missouri Miami New Mexico. Miami Texas. Miami Iowa. Miami Indiana. Miami West Virgina.

How many hours to drive from new york city to Miami?

The approximate driving time andmileage information - Between: Miami, FL and: New York, NY Driving miles: 1280 Driving time: 20 hrs - is based on traveling non-stop in