How many people are gay in any given country or area?

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It is generally held that approximately 4 to 10% of any population is reportedly gay. The number given varies based on different study methods and the fact not everyone will admit to being gay or bisexual when asked even in completely confidential surveys. This percentage is extremely difficult to pinpoint accurately because there is often much social pressure to hide the fact people are gay by both some survey takers and the people themselves.
Added to that is the "soft" nature of defining "gay" - are we discussing purely 100% gay or lesbian people who have never had a heterosexual experience or including bisexuals across the whole spectrum (a single event, mostly straight, mostly gay)? Are gay people who've never had any sexual experience at all included? Are gay teens included or are they assumed "too immature to be counted"? How are closeted gays included, even if they refuse to say it to anyone? Their refusal to say it doesn't make them not gay.

Depending on how an organization wants the numbers to come out they could fudge the calculations to give you a very low or high result.

Here are some quick calculations on the 40 or so most populous areas. Remember these are just estimates: we're using 7% as an average (halfway between 4 and 10%). This same percentage would apply equally to any city, state, province and even across time. Some places, like bigger metropolitan cities, may have larger numbers of gay people due to migration to a more open locale but the innate population (how many people are born in any place) will generally stay pretty even at about 7% gay.
How many gay men or lesbians?
Figuring a specific "gay men" or "lesbians" percentage would basically just require splitting that 7% in half to 3.5% for each. Some might argue there are fewer lesbians than gay men but that's possibly due to a more difficult social situation for women to come out than an actual lower percentage.

Country Pop Estimate 7%
World 6,706,993,152 469,489,521
China 1,330,044,544 93,103,118
India 1,147,995,904 80,359,713
European Union 491,018,683 34,371,308
United States 303,824,640 21,267,725
Indonesia 237,512,352 16,625,865
Brazil 196,342,592 13,743,981
Pakistan 172,800,048 12,096,003
Bangladesh 153,546,896 10,748,283
Nigeria 146,255,312 10,237,872
Russia 140,702,096 9,849,147
Japan 127,288,416 8,910,189
Mexico 109,955,400 7,696,878
Philippines 96,061,680 6,724,318
Vietnam 86,116,560 6,028,159
Ethiopia 82,544,840 5,778,139
Germany 82,369,552 5,765,869
Egypt 81,713,520 5,719,946
Turkey 71,892,808 5,032,497
Congo 66,514,504 4,656,015
Iran 65,875,224 4,611,266
Thailand 65,493,296 4,584,531
United Kingdom 60,943,912 4,266,074
Italy 58,145,320 4,070,172
South Africa 48,782,756 3,414,793
Korea, South 48,379,392 3,386,557
Burma 47,758,180 3,343,073
Ukraine 45,994,288 3,219,600
Colombia 45,013,672 3,150,957
Spain 40,491,052 2,834,374
Argentina 40,482,000 2,833,740
Sudan 40,218,456 2,815,292
Tanzania 40,213,160 2,814,921
Poland 38,500,696 2,695,049
Kenya 37,953,840 2,656,769
Morocco 34,343,220 2,404,025
Algeria 33,769,668 2,363,877
Canada 33,212,696 2,324,889
Afghanistan 32,738,376 2,291,686
Uganda 31,367,972 2,195,758
Nepal 29,519,114 2,066,338
Peru 29,180,900 2,042,663
Switzerland 7,581,520 530,706

(Country populations taken from the CIA World Fact Book based on the 2008 edition. See links list below for source and to look up other countries)
Approximately one tenth of the human population is reportedly gay, which means about one out of every ten people is gay. To get a more accurate answer you'll need to find out what the population of the the country you're interested in is and do the math.

An easier way is to see if there is a local GLBTQ center in your area and ask them if they have any statistics.

Whatever the answer though, you should know that the number you are given will probably be lower than the actual amount of gay people. If you take in to account all of the homosexuals who are secret about it, and especially if you are including bisexuals, there may be a rather significant increase to the amount.

You just have to ignore that being gay isn't against the rules of god and the below paragraph will make sense! Well, no, no one could make a paragraph that dumb logical.

The other could be correct (may be i don't know). But, I can talk confidently of Ethiopia. Let alone 5million, there are not even 5000 gay people in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a very humble, orthodox country whose people's obey the rule of God.

Don't make fun of gays because they are very nice people until you make fun of them
july 11th, 2013
all of the above is complete bullsht. there's no way 10% of people are gay. what was suggested is that up to 10% of human population is genetically and epigenetically suitable to develop same-sex attraction. this number includes bisexuals, transgenders and all the other variants. think about it! where would we all end up if there was 10% of gays, 10% of bisexuals, 10% of transgenders, 10% of zoophiliacs, 10% of impotent people, 10% of this and that... the numbers are clearly blown way outside of any proportion in order to get things done. a majority of people with the genetic suitability mentioned above don't end up being gay. this is why one of the identical twins may be gay and the other not. studies are VERY unreliable and there's no science behind them. if it wasn't so the numbers wouldn't vary from 0,5% to 18%!!! if we say that anyone that had any same-sex encounter is gay than the number might be as high as 3%. if not, if only those that are having same-sex relationships than the number is 1%-2% at most.


Aug 18 2013

The previous reply seems rather aggressive and angry. Also throwing out the ludicrous "10% of all possible groups" thing is illogical and besides, no one has made such a goofy claim. The 1 - 2% range is almost always pushed out by right wing groups intent on diminishing the validity of gays so please take that as offered. Also, keep in mind that one can be utterly celibate or even 100% straight in the "active sex department" (ask all those gay fathers and mothers) and still be gay.

Bottom line is NO ONE KNOWS FOR CERTAIN, not even angry 1-2% man, and its unlikely to ever be know as there are still lots of people who will NEVER admit (publicly or even to themselves) that they are gay. I would suggest a good ballpark is ~5%, middlish between the minuscule 1% and 10% commonly given out.
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Were there any gay people mentioned in the Bible?

Here are a couple of quotes. . 4 But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both young and old,all the people from every quarter; . 5 and they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are themen that came in to thee this night? bring them out (MORE)

How many gay people are in the U.S?

It is impossible to say for certain since many gay people chose not to make public about their sexual preference. Some people say that it may be as high as 10% of the population, however this is probably a major exagerration.

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How many gay people are in England?

Nobody knows for sure how many but in most societies the average is assessed to be 10% of the total number. Say for instance England has 50 million people then according to the sum 5 million would be gay.

How many gay people have jobs?

Answer . Just as most straight people have jobs, about the same ratio of gay people have jobs. Being gay does not change your ability to perform work or get paid like everyone else.

How have gay people made contributions to their countries?

As might be expected from the fact that gays make up around 5% of the world's population, there are a great number of gay heroes, leaders, innovators, etc. In fact, one could almost say that there are a disproportionately number of gays that have made huge contributions to their countries relativ (MORE)

Are there any gay people in israel?

Yes, the big Gay and Lesbian pride party there attracts 80,000 people each year. There are gay people everywhere, in all countries, in all religions. Anywhere between 5% and 10% of the world's population is gay. ----

Are there any gay people on this site?

This isn't a chat room, but there are probably other gay people using it for asking and answering questions. And there are plenty of gay questions and answers. Check the Related Links below..

How many people were gay?

5-10% of all people have always been gay. Interesting to note: In a May 5, 2011 Gallup Poll Americans estimated that 25% of the population in the United States is gay. Of course, the results are not scientific but they are an indication that Americans are less in denial and more in acceptance that (MORE)

What country has the largest percentage of gay people?

France . 1992 . A study of 20,055 people found that 4.1% of the men and 12.6% of the women had at least one occurrence of intercourse with person of the same sex during their lifetime. [11] Brazil In 2009, in a survey conduct (MORE)

How many gay people live in other countries?

There are gay people all over the world. As a generalization, 5percent of the overall population is considered gay. So, yes, thereare gay people in every country in the world. In some countries, itis illegal to practice even consensual gay sex, however, and manypeople in those countries remain in th (MORE)

How many people in the NFL are gay?

More than likely. as for how many are not closeted gays probably alot less than there really is. how many men would stop watchingfootball if they found out their masculinity hero is gay? A few probably and it would be some big story in the us becausethat's just what the media does. so the gays in th (MORE)

Are there any gay people on passions?

1 chorinthians 6: 9-11 explains why you must not be gay. Anyway, pleasures dont last a long time and the bible says the pleasures of the world is sin

How many gay people are in the US?

People say that 1.7% - 4% are Gay & Lesbian. That would makethe current number in the US around 6,000,000 out of 315,000,000.This number coincides with a study done in 2011, that was publishedin The Huffington post.

Are there any gay people in the US?

Yes there are gay people in the US and in nearly every other part of the globe. If there were no gay people in the US, then there would not be all the gay marches, pro-gay lobbying, nor pushes for gay marriage. There would not be all this push for gay rights if gayness were merely hypothetical and a (MORE)

Are there any gay people in Hollywood?

If there aren't any gays in Hollywood there totally should be in my opinion gays are awesome they are much nicer than non-gay guys I have many gay friends Honesty there has to be at least a few I mean maybe they didn't come out just yet

Are there any sites for gay people?

You will find plenty of Gay chat and social websites by looking with your internet explorer and typing Gay in to search. Please be careful in your choice and only sign up to one after you have checked out if it is for you.

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Are there any gay country singers?

Yes, Chely Wright is the most prominent. There could possibly be more, but are still in the closet and don't want to hurt their career.

Are any country music singers gay?

Yes, there are gay country music singers. However, the majority will never say they are gay because it would more than likely put an end to their careers. However, they is the Country Music Artist, K.D. Lang from Canada. When it came out that she was gay, it really didn't seem to bother many people. (MORE)

Which country invented gay people?

Gay people were not invented. There have always been gay andbisexual people, in every culture, since the dawn of humanity.Homosexuality is not a choice. It's something you're born with. However, as the Wikipedia entry for the Greek island of Lesbosstates: "The meaning of the word 'lesbian' derives (MORE)

Is there any good rights for gay people?

The following rights are not available to gay people in most areas,but this varies by state: The right to marry the person they love The right not to get fired just for being gay The right to adopt children (in some areas) The right for healthy gay men to donate blood and organs The right to (MORE)

What country is least tolerant of gay people?

That is a difficult question to answer because many countries arenot gay friendly and where being homosexual is illegal. However theworst of the worst countries are: . Saudi Arabia . Yemen . Afghanistan . Nigeria . Mauritania . Iran . Somalia . Qatar All of these countries have laws tha (MORE)

How many people in Bangor are gay?

It depends on which Bangor you mean. There are many places calledBangor: United Kingdom Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland Bangor Railway Station Bangor (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency) Bangor (Parliament of Ireland constituency), until 1800 Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, after which some (MORE)

How many gay people are there in missouri?

It is estimated that 3.3% of the population in Missouri is gay. Since there are approximately 6 million people living in Missouri that means there are about 1.98 million gay people in Missouri.

How many people are not gay in the world?

Overall, about 95-98 percent of the people in the world are not primarily or exclusively homosexually oriented. However, probably about 80 percent of us humans are bisexual, at least in the sense that we are capable of sex with either men or women (even if we don't actually do it).

What country was the first to allow gay people?

Homosexuality was not banned by governments in the Ancient world.Egypt is the first country to show records of same-sex acceptance,but it certainly wasn't the first country to legally allow it.

Should gay people be given the death sentence?

In a modern secular democracy, one's sexuality should not be a concern of the state but a personal matter for the individual. Certain religious groups advocate the execution of homosexuals as per the laws stated in their scriptures but that doesn't mean they have any right to enforce such draconian (MORE)

What country has no gay people?

Every country has gay and lesbian people. The percentage of them inthe population is the same everywhere. However, some countries persecute them, and so they either leave,or conceal their orientation.

What country has the greatest number of gay people?

The People's Republic of China has the most gay people, however the majority of Chinese gay people are closeted. The People's Republic of China has the most gay people, however the majority of Chinese gay people are closeted.