How many soldiers fought in World War 2 from each nation involved?

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There were dozens of different countries involved in that war. I think Winston Churchill gives a partial listing of this information in his memoirs. Michael Montagne  
Hi Pete
Your question is too great a task I think, but I can give you the official number of mobilised personnel for the major players;
USA 16 115 000 UK 5 900 000 Germany 20 000 000 Italy 3 100 000 Japan 9 700 000 Canada 1 500 000 Russia 29 000 000
The USSR never provided a figure on how many they mobilised, and the French count is too confusing to be of value here. Sorry.  
Official numbers for USSR: 4 826 907 as of June 22, 1941 ( the date Soviet Union entered the war ); 29 574 900 mobilized between 1941 and 1945.    
The numbers for France are as follows: 6 000 000 were mobilized in 1940; 480 000 participated in the liberation of North Africa and Italy (1942-); and 1 450 000 were in French uniform during the liberation of France (1944).

About 85 000 soldiers were in a French Army reconstituted under German orders after France was invaded by Germany, and meant to fight alongside the Axis.
Two of the countries above, France and Italy, also had internal resistance movements, i.e. civilians who fought on the side of the Allies but could not fight in uniform. About 400 000 French were at the core of that country's resistance movement. There were about 300 000 Italian resistants.
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