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How much Kcal will be supplied if a pound of body fat is burned?

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One pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 kcal. So, if you burn a pound, you will burn 3,500 kilocalories.
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Is water burns fats in body?

Not really! Water has a lot of other benefits but it does not help you to burn the fat. Water just helps your to clean your system It keeps you hydrated.Exercises and healthy

How much fat calories do you have to burn to lose one pound?

  about 3500 depending on body type   It takes eating 3500 calories a week (500 a day) less than you burn off to lose 1 pound. Which means an average woman burning to 2

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What are the fat burning hormones in your body?

Hormones affect many different processes including metabolism, growth, development, mood, and aging. The so-called "fat burning" hormones are parts of the endocrine system..

Can you burn body fat in a sauna?

No, Sauna use doesn't burn fat. It only help reducing water.

How many Kcal are equal to a pound of fat?

This question cant really be answered as easily as saying 3500  Kcals in a pound of fat. It depends on what kind of fat you are  talking about. Fat from food is 9 Kcals per
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How much of ten pounds is body fat?

Determining the percent composition of fat to body tissue cannot by  known by weight number alone. Once percent by mass of body fat is  the variable needed to calculate the

How much exercise does it take to burn body fat?

It depends on what type of exercise you are doing. To lose one solid pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you consume. Different types of exercise will bu