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How much natural gas does the average household use?

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US average in 2007 was about 980 therms per year per customer.
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How much energy does the average household use?

According to the Organization of American States' Office for Sustainable Development, the average American household uses about 10,000 kWh yearly. Answer: Canada Natural Res

How much natural gas therms do we use?

It is easier for the standard of measurement of Natural gas to be measured in cubic feet. That is how the Gas companies measure the amount of gas produced, used, moved...etc.

How much electricity does the average African household use?

  Some Africans live in cities, and they might use electricity in the same way that most people in developed nations do. Some Africans live in shanty towns on the edge of

How much natural gas do Americans use?

  Roughly 50 to 60 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/D) including residential and industrial use.   At 50 bcf/D, this is about 1.5 trillion cubic feet per month or 18.4 t
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How much natural gas does the average household use for heat only?

  There are too many variables to consider a particular household to be "average". Fuel consumption will vary by home size, insulation, location, and usage habits. However