How often should a 4 wheel drive fluid flush be done on a vehicle?

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Be more specific, Are you talking about the transfer case, transmission, or front differential?
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How often should you get an induction service and evap system flush and power steering flush?

Your post particularily interests me. First some general info: Throttle plate cleaning and air induction service seems to be needed about every 18,000 miles, in my experience. You can check your power steering fluid yourself and decide. Pull the dipstick out and wipe it on something white. If i (MORE)

How do you remove the brake rotors on a 2002 Kia Sportage 4 wheel drive vehicle?

hello, to remove the brake rotors on a 2001, 1. jack and remove wheels; 2. there are two large bolts that hold the entire brake caliper on; on a 2001 they are 19mm. Get a cheater bar on it because they are well-torqued. 3. step #2 will allow you to remove the caliper assembly and tie it out of the w (MORE)

How do you change the transmission fluid in a 4 wheel drive 97 Ford Explorer?

Answer . \nFirst, you need to purchase a transmission filter and gasket kit and about 5 quarts of Mercon V transmission fluid. Make sure you get the right gasket, there are two transmissions for a 1997 Explorer. (one has 16 bolts for the pan and one has 18) Place an oil pan and a lot of newspaper (MORE)

How often should the transmission fluid be flushed?

First, check with any and all car manufacturers. You may be surprised that "flushing" is not recommended; or if it is, it will be at around 150,000 miles. And the so-called flushing has many detractors, many who say there is a good chance of engine destruction because of the flushing process. Consi (MORE)

What type of transmission fluid is in a 1999 Cherokee Sport 4 wheel drive?

If you don't have an owners manual, try this... Answer The drain plug on the bottom says D2, which I assume stands for dexron 2. But being its not made anymore, you can use the current version of dexron 2 instead. You could also use ATF + 3, which is made by the makers of dexron... up to you, ne (MORE)

How do you go about doing a automatic transmission flush in your 1987 Toyota 4 wheel drive pickup?

EASY STEPS IN CHANGING TRANSMISSION FLUID & FILTER . ISSUES: Many quick lube oil change companies are using flushing machines to change the automatic transmission fluid. Using flushing machines does not address the need for cleaning the sediment in the transmission pan, cleaning the magnet inside (MORE)

Why and how often should a car have an all wheel alignment done?

Wheel alaignment frequency . If you are noticing any uneven wear on outer edges or center of tread even though you have been diligent in keeping air pressures correct and have not hit a curb with any force or found a mega pothole. Also good idea before purchasing any new set of tires

If Prius 2007 need a brake fluid change when should it be done and how often?

If, as you say, it needs doing then it should be done as soon as possible. Brake fluid seldom needs changing though it does degenerate over time, mainly by absorbing moisture. The precise detail will be in your manual. The fluid reservoir needs checking topping up occasionally and certainly will (MORE)

How often should a dog feed her puppies when they are 4 wheels old?

Usually by the time a puppy is 3 weeks old, they will start getting their baby teeth in! In my experience, the mothers I bred started weaning the puppies, when they were about 5-6 weeks old, because with the teeth and the puppies nursing, it starts to hurt the mother. Their nails also get long and s (MORE)

How often should a wheel alignment be done?

Alignments the manufacture suggests every 6 months. I work at a place that does alignments and I only do them if I see irregular tire wear (might be too late at this point), or if the truck pulls, but the alignment could be out and the vehicle goes straight down the road. So there is no Good answer. (MORE)

Should wechange all 4 tires if it's not all wheel drive?

doent matter if vehicle is all wheel drive or not. you should only change tires that are worn out,unless you got lots of money and just like to spend. tire companies will tell you to rotate and change new tires,because the more you buy, the more money they make. if it is not worn out, why change it (MORE)

Is this vehicle a front wheel drive?

Well, not knowing what vehicle you're speaking of, I'll tell you a couple sure fire ways to figure this out. Firstly, look underneath your vehicle, is there a long cylinder running from the front of your vehicle to the rear end? If there's nothing running from the transmission or transfer case in (MORE)

Can you switch a front wheel drive vehicle to a rear wheel drive vehicle?

Anything is possible with time, money and some serious modification. Front wheel drive vehicles are not designed to accept the dimensions of the parts that are needed for rear wheel drive. The engine compartment is designed to accept transverse (sideways) mounted engines not inline engines, there's (MORE)

How often do you need to flush the brake fluid on a 2007 Toyota?

After having problems with seizing wheel cylinders and other brake problems due to moisture in the hydroscopic brake fluid, I started flush clean fluid through the brake systems of my vehicles every 2 years... Have not had a single corrosion (or any brake problem for that matter) since...

How do you check the 4-wheel drive fluid on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

under the jeep your transfer case remove the bolt with an Allen hole in it with and Allen socket. the fluid should run out of the hole. if you remove the bottom bolt you will drain your transfer case. if you remove the top bolt then you will be able to check it and will not have to refil it.

How should you rotate your tires on rear wheel drive vehicle?

With unidirectional tread tires, LR switches with LF, and RR switches with RF. With omnidirectional tread tires, the rear wheels are transferred forwards and remain on their original side, while the front tire are crossed over to their opposite rear side.

How often should fire hydrants be flushed?

Fire hydrants should be flushed prior to every use, before the hose is connected. Most municipalities have a maintenance program in effect, whereby each fire hydrant is inspected, flushed, greased, and winterized(in cold climate areas) annually.

Can you pull a front wheel drive vehicle?

We had a 2000 Saturn L300 with an automatic that we towed for over 11,000 miles with all four wheels on the ground. I just had to put a switch on the fuse box which said. "To tow or To Go" not off and on. and left it in neutral. Speeds over 65 mph. So the following statement from the web is not true (MORE)

What gear should 4 wheel drive be in for in town driving?

if you're driving on dry pavement you shouldnt be in 4WD in the first place because your front wheels will bind up. But if you're driving around town in snow or something where you need traction you should use 4 HIGH. 4 LOW shouldn't ever be used above like 20 MPH.

How often should you change the transfer case fluid on a 4 wheel drive truck?

A few things to consider: . Each maker has a recommended service interval . Trucks that go through creeks and such may contaminate the fluid, it should be checked for contamination and changed as needed after each use. . Trucks that see sever duty, Off road, towing etc should be serviced much mor (MORE)

When should you use 4 wheel drive high?

4 wheel drive high is used by most people in snowy weather for extra traction, but it will not provide enough traction for you to drive as you would in clear, dry weather. You should read your owners manual. Some 4WD vehicles should NOT be put into 4WD (high or low) on dry pavement, it will damage t (MORE)

What kinds of four wheel drive vehicles are there?

Four wheel drive or 4 by 4 are vehicles that have a drivetrain and are more commonly thought of as off road vehicles. Four wheel drives can drive over difficult terrains. Examples are the Mazda CX5, Mini Cooper S Countryman and Sabaru XV Crosstrek.

What types of vehicles have 4 wheels?

Vehicles with four wheels are cars, buses and most carriages. Some smaller trucks also have four wheels. There are bicycles as well as motorcycles with four wheels, but the vast majority of these vehicles are only two-wheeled.