How old does a child have to be in Ohio to get emancipated?

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exists and is an alternate of . "State of Ohio does not have an emancipation law. Minor or parent is unable to file a legal action to have a minor emancipated or legally on their own and under the age of 18. There are two temporary ways in which a minor can be out of the custody of their parent. Either join any branch of the Armed Forces or marriage. However, if the marriage is dissolved or minor is discharged from the service and still under the age of 18 the custody automatically reverts back to the parent who originally had custody."
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Can a 16-year-old girl be emancipated in Ohio?

Answer . \nIt is possible. You need to petition the court.. Answer .\n. \nThe above link to the Ohio State Bar

Child emancipation for thirteen year olds?

Not going to happen! A 13 year old isn't even old enough to get a work permit, so making enough money to support themselves is pretty much out of the question. Only about half
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How do you get an emancipation in Ohio?

There is no statute in Ohio. You'll have to wait until you are the age of majority. If you are not safe at home, contact the local social services agency to get help.