How to locate someone by cell phone number?

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use a reverse cell phone directory online.
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How do you find out someones cell phone number?

You can:. Ask them . Look on their business card . Send them a letter asking for the information . E-mail them and ask . Phone them on their landline and ask . Ask a m

How can you tell if someone blocked your number from their cell phone?

It depends upon your carrier. In my case (Nextel/Sprint) it shows up on my caller ID as: "Incoming call". Some carriers spell out "blocked call"; others show up on your caller

Can you use someones cell phone number?

No - that's HACKING - which is illegal in most countries !

Can someone find your location from a prepaid cell phone?

ANY active mobile phone can be traced to an area of roughly 10 metres. The network calculates the times it takes to send & receive a signal from the phone to the nearest thre