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How well does R-134a work in a 1992 Chevy S-10 Blazer AC?

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It works fine, maybe not quite as well, but it is so much cheaper it is worth it.  Not So Fastis correct, but not that easy. R-134 and R-11 are NOT compatable. In order to modify, you must retrofit or replace service ports (hi and low side)to R-134 fittings. Next, you need to absolutely vacate the system. This removes all R-11 oils and residues from cooling system. This requires an A/C evacuator. They sell conversion kits at parts stores for around $30-60. These come with new screw on fittings and compressor oil/freon. You just need to evacuate system first. Any autoshop should offer this procedure. Otherwise the compressor life will be greatly shortened.

There isn't really a choice since R11 can nolonger be used, because of its ability to destroy the ozone layer. However R11 - gets alot colder almost blowing frost out the vents if you juice it.
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