I work in retail and customers come in all the time with internet coupons for free tide bounty etc where do they get them?

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From the internet.
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Does iPhone comes with free internet?

No. You have to pay an extra $30 per month (if you're an existing customer. Don't know about new plans) for unlimited Internet, 200 text messages and a few other things. It's

Do all playstation3 come with internet?

All PlayStation 3 systems come with wireless internet capabilities, but the internet is completely separate from the system. You will need to get internet access from a carrie

What r all the different time travel hypotheses theories proven ideas etc regardless of whether they actually work in theory reality etc?

one of the theories that i know of is that the faster that you travel the slower time passes for you. this has been proved in a actual test where two mechanical clocks were st

How do all of these time travel ideas hypotheses theories etc work in theory and also work or not in reality What r the obstacles or prevention Likelihood of ever being possible etc?

In theory, the relativistic time effects can be calculated used the Lorentz transformation equations. See link. These effects can't be experienced directly by humans yet, but

What did shakespeare do in his free time hobbies etc?

We have no idea. Shakespeare did not keep a diary or write chatty letters to people which would reveal what he did in his spare time, if he had any. One suspects that if he wa