If the biological father has rights do you need his permission when adopting the child when marrying the biological mother?

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You cannot adopt a child if the father still has legal rights over that child. The father would have to sign the child over to you. that is the only way you could adopt the child. marriage has nothing to do with it.
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What rights does a biological father have when the mother of the child remarries?

Answer . \nThe father can legally request custody and/or visitation rights and assert all other parental rights that applied before the dissolution of the marriage until/u

Can any biological father be forced to adopt the child if the baby has her own father and mother?

You need to see a lawyer. Look for "Legal Aid" in your state as they offer free or low-cost legal advice. If someone is the "biological" father, he doesn't adopt the child, i
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Does the biological father of a child have any rights to a child if birth mother and presumed birth father put child up for adoption?

Yes. The child cannot be put up for adoption unless both biological parents give up their parental rights so unless you have done that the child can not be adopted unless the
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What are the legal rights of a biological child if the biological mother and biological father are married to others and engaging in an illicit relationship?

The child of a woman who is married is generally assumed under the law to be the child of her husband. That type of situation complicates a child's legal rights and compromise