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In California can teachers file for unemployment benefits during the summer?

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No. If the teacher is between school sessions and has assurances of returning to work when school resumes, she is not eligible.
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Can a teacher draw unemployment benefits during the summer when that teacher isn't working?

States establish laws pertaining to unemployment benefits. In some states teachers are eligible to receive unemployment benefits during school breaks, other states have strict

Can teachers collect unemployment benefits?

If you are under contract for next school year, no. You aren't unemployed.

Can teachers file for unemployment?

This depends on the state you work in. Generally not, because some states consider the off school season as not unemployed. You need to check with your own state for criteria.

Can a substitute teacher collect unemployment benefits during the summer?

Generally speaking no, though they can usually get unemployment fordays during the school year they don't get called in. In somecases, they may be able to collect unemployment

How do you estimate unemployment benefits in California?

They use the highest paid quarter in the base period. Benefits range from $40 to $450, with the wages needed in the highest quarter to earn the highest benefits being $11,674.