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In California can teachers file for unemployment benefits during the summer?

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No. If the teacher is between school sessions and has assurances of returning to work when school resumes, she is not eligible.
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If you were unemployed and did not get unemployment benefits do you need to file your taxes?

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Can you collect unemployment benefits and Social Security benefits at the same time in California?

Yes, if you qualify under each program. Both Social Security and the State of California allow workers to collect unemployment compensation and Social Security benefits at the

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How often are unemployment benefits paid in California?

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What is the maximum length of unemployment benefits including extensions California?

One year, unless it is extended.

Can a substitute teacher collect unemployment in the summer in Ohio?

If you had enough weeks paid in and your average income makes you eligible and if the school system you worked for does not dispute your claim. I am a substitute teacher and h

Can you still collect unemployment benefits in California if you work part time?

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Can teachers in Florida collect unemployment in the summer?

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Can a school janitor collect unemployment during the summer?

Many states have passed laws that stopped seasonal workers from  receiving unemployment benefits. Because of this many school  janitors have to find other employment during