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In Nebraska can you use a judgment to garnish a person's tax refund?

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No, the seizure of tax refunds both federal and state can only be done with a court order pertaining to circumstances specified under state and/or federal law. An example would be the seizure of the tax refund to pay court ordered child support that is in arrears.
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With a judgment lien can a tax refund and bank accounts be garnished?

  Answer     If the judgment is for state or federal taxes then any refund is subject to seizure by the agency holding the judgment.     If it is a credit

Can Sears garnish your tax refund?

  Answer     Not directly.     If, however, they sue for debt owed, they may be able to execute a judgment against the debtor's bank account in which the

Can income tax refunds be garnished?

If its a refund, then there is nothing to be garnished. If you mean unpaid taxes...yes, the irs can and will garnish your wages. They can also wipe out your bank account witho

Can your federal income tax refund be garnished because of a judgment?

It can be if the garnishment was by a government entity. If the garrnishment was by court order in favor a a private entity it cannot. CAVEAT: If the refund is direct-deposite

Can you use a judgment to garnish a person's tax refund in Ohio?

According to Ohio Revised Code Section 2329.66(3) you can. I'm tying to find out HOW to go about it though....you probably just have to get a court order to garnish the tax re

State tax refund garnishments?

when a plaintiff files a garnishment against your state of michigan tax refund when is proof of service done and by whom to the defendant?