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In Nebraska can you use a judgment to garnish a person's tax refund?

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No, the seizure of tax refunds both federal and state can only be done with a court order pertaining to circumstances specified under state and/or federal law. An example would be the seizure of the tax refund to pay court ordered child support that is in arrears.
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Can you consolidate your defaulted student loans if your tax refund was garnished?

In the US, it depends on whether your loans are with DIRECT or FFELP. If you have FFELP loans, you are eligible to consolidate. If you have direct loans and have never consoli

How do you get a garnishment refunded?

You don't- the creditor gets to keep what he has garnished up to that point. If you file BK, the BK trustee might force the creditor to return some or all of that money. But e

Can income tax refunds be garnished in Oklahoma for medical bills?

Other creditors cannot attach or get the check directly. HOWEVER, as soon as it is deposited or cashed, it becomes yours and is no longer connected to the government in any wa

Can a creditor or individual use a judgment to garnish a debtor's federal and state tax refund?

    Answer     If I remember right, you can.     *   No.     Only government agencies can seize federal or state tax refunds for matters suc

Will the IRS hold your tax refund for judgments?

The IRS only seizes personal tax refunds when there are tax arrearages or court ordered child support arrearages. The IRS does not have the power to withhold personal tax

If student loan is being garnished can they garnish tax refund?

If your student loans are being garnished, you can count on your name being on the tax offset list, meaning that they will apply your refund amount to your loan repayment. 

If your wages are garnished can they also take your tax refund?

Tax refunds cannot be directly seized by a creditor judgment.The IRS can seize tax refunds without the use of due process for federal taxes owed.State and federal tax refunds

Can an payday loan collection agency garnish your tax refund?

Depending on the state and the agreement you signed when you took the loan they may have some legal recourse against you. In most cases if you have already paid the interest o

Can your South Carolina state tax refund be garnished for an unpaid ems bill?

Yes, the parogram is called the SC Debt Set-off Program. EMS companies who pariticpate must match the bill to the taxpayer, must send out a letter stating they are going to do

How do you get a us tax refund?

By having some income withheld from your worldwide income and then filing an income tax return to claim a refund of some of the amount that may have been over withheld. More t