Is Barack Obama disbarred?

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No, President Obama was not disbarred. This is another of those internet myths that are circulated by his political opponents. When it became apparent to him (and to his wife, also a lawyer) that he was no longer going to actively practice law, since he was going into politics, he allowed his law license to lapse. Michelle Obama did the same. Both are now on "inactive" status, but since they both left the legal profession in good standing, they could return to it any time they want to, and would only need to do what is required to update their qualifications and pay the fee for renewal. I enclose a link to a very thorough report about the Obamas and their law licenses, which debunks the various myths surrounding them.
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Who is Barack Obama?

44th President of the United States Barack Obama (born August 4, 1961), is the current president of the United States of America. He was the Democratic US Senator from Illinois who beat Republican rival Senator John McCain in the 2008 race for the US presidency. He was also re-elected after winnin (MORE)

What did Barack Obama do?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing what specifically you are asking about: Barack Obama has done many things in his life. These include graduating from Harvard Law School with academic honors, being the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review, writing two best-selling non-f (MORE)

When did Michelle Obama meet Barack Obama?

She met him in 1989 when he was a summer intern at the same law office (Sidley and Austin in Chicago) where she was an attorney. By many accounts, she was his supervisor at that time.

Where did Barack Obama meet Michelle Obama?

At a law office in Chicago. They met in 1989 when Michelle was working at a downtown law firmin Chicago. She was assigned the role of adviser to Barack Obama who just camefrom Harvard.

When did Barack Obama marry Michelle Obama?

October 3, 1992 was the day that Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson were married at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. Married Michelle Robinson (October 3, 1992)

How did you meet Barack Obama Michelle Obama?

I assume you are asking about how Michelle met Barack. They met at a law firm in Chicago in the summer of 1988. Michelle was a lawyer and Barack was interning there. They did not expect to date at that time, since they were co-workers (and she was actually his boss, in a way); but later, he expresse (MORE)

Is Barack Obama cheating on Michelle Obama?

No, there is no evidence of it. There are a few tabloid magazines and gossip websites that have made this claim, but such claims are typical of the tabloids: they spread rumors about famous people, often without any proof, and usually just to sell more magazines. By all accounts, the president and h (MORE)

Was Michelle Obama disbarred?

No. Her Illinois bar license is on "voluntary inactive" status. As with any other person who does not choose to actively practice law, Michelle Obama has not kept up with the required Continuing Education coursework required to keep an active license. As such, the court has required her to give u (MORE)

Why does President Barack Obama have the name Obama?

Obama is his last name, which he inherited from his biological father. He has used it all his life and has never tried to change it. (Contrary to internet myth, he was never adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro.) Sometimes, when he is jokingly referring to himself, he will just use his last name (MORE)

Is it President Barack Obama or just Barack Obama?

President Obama may be respectfully addressed or referred to asPresident Obama, Barack Obama, or Mr. President. I am sure thetitle by which you refer to him would depend on your personalfamiliarity with him, and the purpose of getting his attention. Most importantly, the method of address is releva (MORE)

Why was Michelle Obama disbarred?

She was not disbarred. "Voluntarily inactive" simply means she haslet her license expire, and thus, "not authorized to practice law".Why? There are many reasons attorneys allow their license toexpire. Retired. Moved to another state (as she did) and did notwish to renew license in the past state. Pe (MORE)

Has Barack Obama ever been disbarred?

No, this is an internet myth started by his political opponents andthere is no truth to it. Both Barack and Michelle Obama werepracticing attorneys in Chicago, but when Barack began hispolitical career, gradually he phased out his practice to focus onpolitics. He left the legal profession in good st (MORE)

Was Barack Barack Obama Jewish?

No, he was never Jewish (although interestingly, in a 2012 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 13% of respondents thought he was!). Mr. Obama was born to a mother who was a non-practicing Christian and to a father who had been a Muslim as a child but left the religion and became an atheist. (MORE)

Why does Barack Obama Sr inspire President Barack Obama?

While most of us think inspiration refers to people who do positive things, sometimes we can be deeply affected by someone who did negative things, and vow not to be like that person. President Obama, as he writes in "Dreams from my Father," was very much affected by the absence of his father, who s (MORE)

Did Michelle Obama like Barack Obama?

Yes, Michelle Obama liked Barack Obama, but didn't want to date him at first because she knew he was going back to school at the end of the summer.

Why did Barack Obama marry Michelle Obama?

Barack Obama got married to Michelle (Robinson) Obama because hethought she was a beautiful and talented young woman when he mether at a law firm where they both worked. They married each otherbecause they loved each other, and contrary to tabloid rumors, theyseem to still love each other more than (MORE)

Why do they call Barack Obama no drama Obama?

He got this joking nickname because of his temperament: he does nottend to have a lot of mood swings or fly into rages or have a badtemper. Mr. Obama is known for his calm disposition; it takes a lotto get him upset, and he does not like "drama" (a lot ofunnecessary emotional outbursts).

What date was Michelle Obama disbarred?

This is another of those internet myths. Neither Barack nor Michelle Obama has been disbarred. Both allowed their licenses to lapse, since they were not going to practice law any more. But if they decide to go back to being lawyers, they can renew their licenses, since both left the legal profession (MORE)

Is Barack Barack Obama admiring?

If you mean does he admire someone or some thing, then yes, he talks about how he admires his family and his role models and many international and political figures. He admires former Presidents and looks to their work as guidance. He admires his mentors and professors, etc. But, if you mean is (MORE)

Did Barack Barack Obama retire?

No, he did not. Usually, people do not retire until they are in their 60s, and these days, some people work into their 70s. Since Mr. Obama is not anywhere close to retirement age, it is doubtful he plans to retire any time soon.

Did Barack Barack Obama immigrate?

For him to be the President of the United States he would have to have been born in the USA. Before Hawaii was a State, it was an Annex of the United States, but he was born after Hawaii became a state.

Was President Obama disbarred?

No, this is an old and false story that has circulated on the internet since about 2008. Barack Obama was never disbarred. He was a lawyer in good standing when he decided to voluntarily give up his law license to focus on politics. So, he let it expire. If he ever decides to renew it and return to (MORE)

Was Mrs Obama disbarred?

No she was not. This is a myth that is commonly found on conservative websites, spread by the president's political opponents. Michelle Obama decided she was not going to practice law any more, since she was occupied with being a businesswoman and a mom, and then she became First Lady. But she could (MORE)

Has president Obama been disbarred for any reason?

No he has not. This is an internet myth spread by his political enemies, but it has no truth to it. He voluntary allowed his law license to expire when he decided to go into politics, but having left the legal profession in good standing, he can re-activate the license if he ever decides to return t (MORE)

Is Michelle Obama disbarred?

No, that is a myth. Both the president and Mrs. Obama are lawyers in good standing. But they let their licenses lapse because they decided they were no longer going to practice law. Mr. Obama became a senator and then the president, and his wife became the First Lady. Either or both of them could re (MORE)

Is it true that Michelle Obama was disbarred?

No, this is another internet myth. In fact, both the president and Mrs. Obama left the legal profession in good standing, and neither one was ever disbarred. They both let their licenses expire because they decided they were no longer going to practice law. So their licenses were put on "inactive" s (MORE)

Was Michelle Obama in danger of being disbarred?

No, this is a very common internet myth, and it's false. Michelle Obama was a successful attorney, but she eventually decided to leave the profession to help her husband with his political career, raise their daughters, and then be First Lady. She allowed her law license to expire (to be placed on " (MORE)

Is Barack Barack Obama Armenian?

No, his father was born in Kenya (Africa) and his mother was born in Kansas (America). As far as we know, he has no Armenian relatives.

Was Barack Obama disbarred from being a lawyer?

Absolutely not. This is an internet myth, and it is totally false. President Obama decided to voluntarily leave the legal profession in order to run for political office; so he allowed his law license to lapse, or as some sources call it, he put it on "inactive" status. This is not unusual when an a (MORE)

Is Barack Barack Obama cheap?

No, quite the opposite. He is a very generous supporter of a number of charities, as is his wife Michelle. According to his 2011 tax returns, posted to his official website, "The President and First Lady also reported donating $172,130 - or about 22% of their adjusted gross income - to 39 different (MORE)

Does Barack Barack Obama Bake?

Mr. Obama has spoken about doing some cooking now and then (he enjoys making chili), but he has not said much about whether he does any baking. Given that he and his family live at the White House, they have an official chef, and the meals are made for the Obama family. But back in Chicago, Mr. Obam (MORE)

Did Barack Barack Obama migrate?

When we think of migration, we often think of moving from one country to another, and Barack Obama's father certainly did that-- his dad (Barack Senior) moved from Kenya to Hawaii to study at the University. Perhaps we could say President Obama migrated when he went to Indonesia, but that was not hi (MORE)

Why does Barack Obama have Obama care?

For many years, the Democratic party has been committed to expanding access to health care. Some presidents, most recently Bill Clinton, tried and failed to get health care reform legislation passed. Barack Obama wanted to see legislation that would help more Americans to get affordable health care: (MORE)

Did Barack Barack Obama travel?

Yes, many times. He was born in Hawaii, but when he was five, he mother and new step-dad moved to Indonesia, where young Barack lived for four years, before he returned to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. During his life, before he entered politics, he also did some traveling. In college, he (MORE)

Does Michelle Obama love Barack Obama?

Yes, she absolutely does love him. There have been times in their marriage when they had some problems and she has been public about that; but they have been married since 1992 and by most accounts, they have grown closer as time passed.

Is barack Barack Obama fun?

I think his family and friends would say he is fun to be around. He is supposed to have a good sense of humor and a wide knowledge of popular culture (pop music, sports, hit movies, etc). But as president, his job is be serious and to present a professional image. So, we would not generally see the (MORE)

Who followed Barack Barack Obama?

If you are asking who followed him as president, nobody yet, because he is still in office until the 2016 presidential election. Mr. Obama was elected first in 2008, and he followed President George W. Bush.

Who follows Barack Barack Obama?

If you are asking who supports him, his supporters tend to be Democrats, although he also has some independents and moderate Republicans who agree with some of his stands on issues. If you are asking who follows him on social media (like Facebook or Twitter), he has many thousands of supporters w (MORE)

Who defeated Barack Barack Obama?

Interestingly, Barack Obama has won every political contest he has ever entered, except for one. He entered politics in 1996, winning a seat in the Illinois State Senate, where he ultimately served three terms. But in 2000, he tried to run for the US congress. By most accounts, he ran a poor campaig (MORE)

Was President Barack Obama disbarred for his legal status?

No, this is an old internet myth that has been circulating since about 2008. Barack Obama was never disbarred, and there is nothing wrong with his "legal status." (There are a group of people called the "Birthers" who spread the myth that he is not a legal citizen, but it has been shown repeatedly t (MORE)