Is Mauritius poor?

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Mauritius is not poor like Chad is. Lets say Canada is a 3 (3 is highest) Mauritius is a 2 and countries like Chad are a 1.

Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small island situated off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. It is also to be found in the east of Madagascar at a distance of about 900 kilometres. Mauritius forms part of the mascarene islands which also consist of Reunion island and Rodrigue (MORE)

What is Mauritius famous for?

Mauritius is famous for its sandy beaches. Addition from Ash: Mauritius is known as the gem of the Indian Ocean. The long stretch of white sand beaches and the diversity of the population makes it the ultimate melting pot of the region. The famous Dodo bird now extinct was once native of the Island. (MORE)

Law in Mauritius?

Law in Mauritius is made in the Assembly by the two parties,the government and the opposition party.They pass laws in the budget and if it is accepted it is then announced publically. It is not so difficult to abide by the rules of the country

What is Mauritius?

Mauritius is among the most beautiful and most visited countries in the African continent. This beautiful country is Situated off the southeast coast of African mainland, Mauritius is nearly 900 km east of the island of Madagascar. The crystal clear lagoons and white sandy beaches not only give t (MORE)

Is it nice in Mauritius?

The simply answer is yes, Mauritius is very beautiful and it has a tropical climate, wonderful beaches and clear blue ocean, then when you add friendly locals, a rich and diverse culture it fast becomes a very good destination for a holiday, almost a million visitors in 2008 will have chosen Mauriti (MORE)

Where is mauritius situated?

Mauritius is a small island situated off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. It is also to be found in the east of Madagascar at a distance of about 900 kilometers. Mauritius forms part of the mascarene islands which also consist of Reunion island and Rodrigue (MORE)

Is Mauritius in Africa?

It is considered part of Africa. It is an island country in the southwest Indian Ocean comprising the island of Mauritius and several small dependencies in the Mascarene Islands. .

What is there to see in Mauritius?

Mauritius has beautiful water for scuba diving, hiking trails, abotanical garden, winery tours, some colonial mansions withbeautiful gardens, and safaris where you can see big cats,alligators, and giant turtles.

How do you get poor?

by loosing work .or all property or both.. by loosing work .or all property or both.

What is poor?

Is the condition in which a person or community is deprived of or lacks the essentials for a minimum standard of well-being and life. understood in many senses, these essentials may be material resources such as food, safe drinking water, and shelter, or they may be social resources such as access t (MORE)

Who is the priminister of mauritius?

The Prime Minister of Mauritius is Navinchandra Ramgoolam of the MLP-PTr party since July 2005.. Full salutation- Dr The Hon Navinchandra RAMGOOLAM, GCSK.

Is Mauritius rich or poor?

No is the simple answer. It has managed to have a successful and diverse economy despite boasting no real natural resources. It is a country that manages to provide free education through to university, as well as free health care and transport for the elderly and students. So, no, Mauritius is not (MORE)

What can government of Mauritius do to reduce unemployment in mauritius?

There are many things the government can do but in reality the Government is selective, having to balance many factors. There will always be a degree of unemployment based on the criteria used to determine the level of unemployment. But the main things the government can do to reduce it are: . Ma (MORE)

Who discovered mauritius?

Mauritius was discovered FIRSTLY by the Arabs. Then the Portuguese. It was first settled by the Dutch...does this help? or do you need more info? check it out on wikipedia!!

What continent is mauritius in?

The continent it is in is Africa. people generally make the error of assuming it is in Asia Mauritian people are African Mauritius is an African country so the answer to your question is AFRICA :) improved by rholt9949

Is Mauritius in Asia?

No it is not. I come from Mauritius. Mauritius is not a country, itis an Island in the Indian Ocean. It is the West of India.

Is Mauritius in Bangladesh?

Mauritius is an Island Nation in Indian Ocean. It is a sovereigncountry and not part of Bangladesh which is in South Asia.

What size is Mauritius?

mauritius is approximately 38 miles from north to south and about 29 miles east to west. .

How did mauritius get its name?

Mauritius is named after Prince Maurice of Nassau in the Netherlands. The French changed the name to Ile de France (Island of France in french) but when the British gained control, they changed it back to the Dutch name and anglicized it to Mauritius. The island kept the name after independence, whi (MORE)

What is the size of Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small island with an area of 2,040 square km being about 61 km from north to south and about 47 km east to west.

What is the religion in mauritius?

We dont have a particular religion.. Mauritius is made of different cultures thus resulting in more than one religion. Hindus make up 52%, Roman Catholic 28.4%, and Muslim 16.6% while other unspecified religions up to 3%. Churches and http://wiki. (MORE)

Is there vampires in mauritius?

There is rumored that there was a child a week old who would drink blood and eat raw meat in mauritius.. but there hasn't been any harm and also it would've been on the news so.. no there is no vampires in mauritius.

Who is the President of Mauritius?

Rajkeswur (Kailash) Purryag is the President of Mauritius. He became the 5th President of Mauritius on 2012 July 21, ending a 7 year stint from 2005 to 2012 as Speaker of the National Assembly. Kailash Purryag had also served as deputy prime minister from 1997 December 22 to 2000 September 17.

Is Mauritius a city?

No, it is an island off the coast of Madagascar. However some people may say that it is a part of South Africa, it is surrounded by islands such as Seychelles, Rodrigues and Reunion.

What is the mother tongue of Mauritius?

The mother tongue is Mauritian Creole. Official language isEnglish, however, in almost every official task, Mauritians speakFrench. Other ancestry language is the Bhojpuri. Due to thepresence of different religions community/ multicultural languageis not a barrier. But, Mauritians have a vast knowle (MORE)

Where to shop in Mauritius?

I'd say Port Louis, in the Caudan Waterfront mall - this is fortourists. But places such as Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes is alsogood. Quatre Bornes has a nice shopping mall also.

How is Mauritius affected by climate change?

Yes there is a climate change in Mauritius, due to deforestation inregions like Mare-aux-Vacoas and Grand Bassin. Rains are not comingand thus we are facing a severe drought.

What is the gateway city for Mauritius?

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam international airport in Plaisance,southern Mauritius is a new modern airport in Mauritius. This iswhere the tourists first see Mauritius.

Does Mauritius have a hospital?

Yes. Hospitals Brown Sequard Hospital Pope Hennessy Street, Beau Bassin Tel: 230/ 4542071 Doctor Jeetoo Hospital Volcy Pougnet, Port Louis Tel: 230/ 2123201 Ears Nose and Throat Hospital S.M.F., Vacoas Tel: 230/ 6862061 Flacq Hospital Royal Road, Flacq Tel: 230/ 4132532 J. Nehru Hos (MORE)

How was Mauritius named?

The island was inhabited but later occupied by the Dutch who named it Mauricius after prince Maurice of Nassau.

Is mauritius a rich or poor country?

i live in other way mauritius is a poor country but the wages is so low that life is miserable here.we pay everything price like europe, e.g petrol, meat,lets say nearly all household stuff.if you work in europe you get paid 7 euro an hour but in mauritius i get 7.5 euro a day.just imag (MORE)

Is mauritius a poor country?

It has one of the best economies in Africa, but also a considerable amount of debt. I wouldn't call Mauritius poor, but that's my opinion

Why you have elections in mauritius?

There have been some form of elections in Mauritius since 1948. When Mauritius was a British Colony, its leader was called the British Governor, later known as the Governor-General of Mauritius; historically, as in most colonies, the British government and the King or Queen chose this person, who wa (MORE)

Why I am poor?

You may be poor becuae you lost your job or maybe somethinghappened in your life that affected you really badly and also youmay also be poor because you might have a good future later on andbecome rich

What are the media in Mauritius?

In Mauritius there are many media in Mauritius :) For example : The radio, newspapers, magazines, films, books,recordings or the internet :)

How can I not be poor?

Tips on how not to be poor is to make a budget, don't use creditcards and open a savings account to save money.