Is Volvo power steering fluid a mineral hydraulic fluid versus petroleum?

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Power steering fluid specs for Volvo 1998 and older can use Dexron IIE or Volvo PN 1161317 2001 and newer may only use Volvo PN 30741424 or 1161529 (same product). Alternatives to the genuine Volvo fluid are Pentosin CHF11S, VW/AUDI G002000/G004000, and respective BMW, SAAB, MERCEDES, PORSCHE fluids that are based off Pentosin CHF11S. BG compatible part number for this fluid is 344.
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What type of power steering fluid does a 86 Volvo 240 wagon use?

Answer . Most power steering units use the generic power steering fluid available at most auto part stores. However, some import makes are different, sometimes using differ

Where do you pour the power steering fluid in a 1985 Volvo 240 wagon?

Answer . Open the hood, look to your right (driver's side ). On a bracket bolted to the strut tower just above the battery there is a black square bottle with two hoses. Th

Is power steering fluid hydraulic fluid?

\n. \n. \nThere are many different specification and types of Hydraulic fluid. A specific power steering fluid for one car model may not work for all cars. So be careful w

What kind of power steering fluid a 2002 Volvo truck?

Dexron Mercron ATF type II/III is the recomendation for the fluid. There should be a sticker on the PS reservoir or bracket stating that as well. An SAE engine oil is also acc

How do you add power steering fluid for 02 Volvo s60?

\n\n. \nPower steering fluid reservoir\nThe fluid level should always be between the MIN and MAX marks.\n.

Why is their power steering fluid on your power steering?

If you have a leak, you need to find the source and repair. Most fluid leaks from hydraulic power steering systems come from one of two hoses, called the pressure hose and the
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Can you mix hydraulic fluid with power steering?

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid and is engineered to do a specific job - it should not be mixed with anything. General purpose hydraulic fluids are used to oper