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Is concrete or the pea gravel version of concrete better for a pool deck?

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Pea gravel can be harsh on the feet at times. Recomend Concrete w/ broom finish.
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Can pool lines be repaired without breaking up the concrete deck around the pool?

Pipe leaks? Need leak detector. . (I am a professional pool service provider) Check with a reputable leak detection service in your area. (Most leak detection services als

Is pea gravel or three-quarter rock a better material to use for a concrete pool coping?

Loose gravel of any size is not a good idea. You would be cleaning it out of the pool daily. And you don't want to vac them out. Loose stones would be a safety factor. Lost fo

Is a concrete or fiberglass pool better?

  Fiberglass is because concrete will crack Yes I agree also, because we had a concrete pool when I was growing up and we were always repairing leaks, maybe the pool was

Which is better concrete or steel pools?

All depends on what you are looking for and how much you have to spend. Concrete pools are usually considered the "high-end" pool but installation takes a long time and mainte

How do you clean pea gravel pool deck?

  Have you tried muriatic acid on a small test patch. Be care full the stuff is corrosive and the vapor is harmful if inhaled. Always keep fresh water handy when handling

Is concrete pool better than vinyl pool?

  Concrete retains heat better and it a more permanent solution. Vinyl is often like a bladder to hold the water within a tin frame. The layers are so thin that heat reten

Are concrete or steel walls better for an inground swimming pool?

  Steel walls are currently the lowest quality wall for a swimming pool, with the exception of Cyprus wood (if still available). Concrete (not gunite) is superior to any

What is better a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool?

A concrete pool keeps looking better for longer and will outlast a fibreglass pool.   Fibreglass pool maufacturers offer guarantees of between 10-20 years. This gives some