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Is dark urine color during pregnancy ok?

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yes its your hormones
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Will urine become darker in color during pregnancy?

  Answer     To be honost here I don't think your urine will change colors.. at least mine didn't. Dark urine can mean you are not drinking enough water. I am su

Is it ok to have diarrhea during pregnancy?

While most women are constipated during pregnancy, some women experience diarrhea instead. It's important to stay hydrated. If you have diarrhea for several days, then call a

What is the color of urine during the initial stages of pregnancy?

Urine should always be clear to very light yellow. Urine that is dark is either very concentrated meaning you need more fluids or possibly a sign of a UTI (urinary tract inf

What is trace in urine during pregnancy?

There is a hormone that can be traced in your urine when you are pregnant, and that is called the HCG hormone. Advanced pregnancy tests can detect this hormone & what percenta