Is dutch a country or a language?

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Dutch is a language spoken in the Netherlands.
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What is the Dutch language?

The Dutch language is a Germanic language mainly spoken inthe Netherlands, northern Belgium (Flanders), Suriname and theDutch Antilles. Small pockets of Dutch speakers also

In what South American country is Dutch the official language?

Suriname is the South American country in which Dutch is the official language. Specifically, Suriname is South America's smallest independent country. It used to be a col

How many countries speaks Dutch language?

The Netherlands Belgium (spoken by about 60% of the population) Suriname Aruba Sint Maarten Curaçao (spoken by about 10% of the population) In addition, Afrikaan

What countries are Dutch?

Got 2 answers for you, if you mean the language as in where in theworld are people speaking dutch as language i know of TheNetherlands (ofcourse) and around The Cape in South
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How many countries have dutch as the official language?

The Netherlands Belgium Suriname Aruba Netherlands Antilles Afrikaans is an official language of South-African language and it is closely related to Dutch. Many older pe