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Is it legal to serve alcohol at a private party in a banquet hall?

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Legal age to serve alcohol in Ontario?

You can serve alcoholic drinks in a licenced establishment in Ontario, Canada at age 18 and up. After being hired, you must take a Smart Serve course.

What is mean by banquet hall?

Wedding Hall stands for: Large hotel room or hall available to public for functions where food may also be served. Also called banqueting room or function room.

What is a banquet hall?

A "banquet hall" is a place where people go to celebrate an event, such as a wedding, bar mitzvah, retirement, birthday, sweet sixteen, etc.

What is Banquet Hall catering?

Banquet Hall catering is a sit down meal in a hall/hotel like space served by staff. As in a wedding reception type of setting. Usually a minimum of 3 course dinner.

How binding is a banquet hall contract?

    Banquet Hall Contracts     It depends on the contract, who wrote it, who signed it, whether money changed hands. If the contract clearly expresses intent,

What is the supply and demand for banquet hall?

Garden & Banquet halls seem to always be in demand with the wide variety of functions requiring space and amenities including wedding receptions, conventions, pageants, cerem