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Is it normal that the pregnant woman doesn't want to be around the baby's father?

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Just as normal as not being pregnant and not wanting to be around someone. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes the babies daddy is the mistake. I wouldn't worry about it. Since you are about to be a mom maybe your just "cleaning house". There must be a reoson and only you know it, you should trust your instincts and drop him. It is better than living in a loveless relationship, making a baby does not mean happily ever after.
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What do you do if the mother does not want to be with the baby's father?

Answer . I know its very hard being in a situation with a baby and feeling you no longer want the relationship with the father. You need to decide if leaving is what you

If pregnant do you have to marry the baby's father?

  No you do not have to marry him. Years ago, that would be a very common practice, to marry the baby's father. But in today's society, that is becoming more scarce. Als

How do you know who your baby's father is if your pregnant?

  The baby's father is the person whom you had sexual intercourse with since your last menstrual period despite contraceptives. If you had multiple partners in this time,

If you want to break up with your baby's father because he doesn't help support the child are you wrong?

I think it is natural to expect some help from the father in raising a child, but there is a lot more to a relationship than money... so be sure to consider the whole picture

Your girlfriend is pregnant and doesnt want you around is this normal?

This is a perfectly normal and expected response. As the hormone change during early pregnancy a female is likely to have many emotional issues; these issues are could be to d

You are pregnant and the child's father doesn't want the baby. What should you do?

It is assumed that you are not married. The decision whether or not to have the baby is yours. If you decide to continue with the pregnancy, once the child is born you can req

Can a pregnant minor live with the baby's father?

A minor can only be allowed to move with parental consent after a certain age. Pregnancy makes no difference. A minor is also not allowed to have sex (even if she's already pr

If you are pregnant can your parents keep you from the baby's father?

  If you alegally a minor in your State of residence (under 18 in most states, 19 in Nebraska and Alabama). Your parents are legally responsible for you and can direct you

What do you do if the father doesn't care if your pregnant?

Hi there honestly you are the winner here. Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to a woman. You need to be strong, need to understand that

Does a pregnant woman who's baby's father has a rh-negative blood type need shots while pregnant?

No they don't. It is not as dangerous to carry a negative baby if you are positive.   It is extremely dangerous for a woman to carry a positive baby if she has negative blo

Why does a pregnant woman need to know her blood type and the blood type of her baby's father?

If there is a Rhesus incompatibility between father and mother it may be necessary to change the baby's blood immediately after birth. This will need a surgical team and blo

Can you get pregnant if the woman doesn't come?

Absolutely, you can. They used to think this wasn't the case (made for weird court proceedings in Medieval Europe), but the woman's arousal doesn't have much to do with the od

Can the mother of a 17 yo pregnant woman keep the daughter away from the baby's 18 year old father in the state of Kentucky?

Yes, you can get a restraining order if they do not listen. Age of consent is 16 there but that only means the sex was legal, not that they themselves decide who they meet. Th