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Is that true that the color of pure water in a white plastered swimming pool should be blue?

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If I understand the question, the reason for the blue in the pool water is actually the reflection of the blue sky. You will notice on an overcast day you see the white of the plaster and no blue. Answer After looking at some internet sources (probably reliable), I've found out that in large quantities pure water is indeed blue, due to stronger absorption in the red end of the visible sprectrum than in the blue and green bands. Here are some links: http://www.minerals.net/mineral/oxides/water/water.htm http://www.marine.usm.edu/syllabus/MAR602lecture4-2002.htm http://www.des.ucdavis.edu/courses/est116/116_04.htm Picture of SuperKamiokande being filled with pure water (as pure as viable for about 50,000,000 liters): http://www-sk.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/doc/sk/photo/normal.html (link to photos) http://www-sk.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/doc/sk/photosk_build44.jpg (photo) Answer For the tecnically minded, I've found out another good link to this subject: omlc.org.edu This page has many links to data with absorption coefficient for pure water. This page comes from: spectra/index
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How soon can you swim in a pool after the plaster is done?

  Answer   Follow the advice of the builder / plasterer. Several days to two weeks. The plaster has to cure. And you don't want foot prints that will collect dust

How do you get green color out of swimming pool water at season startup?

This problem plagued me for 4 weeks until I finally found a  knowledgeble person to help me. Use this technique and you can  clean a heviliy algead pool in 3 days.   

Why does the water in a swimming pool look blue?

It is due to the absorption of sunlight. Shorter wavelengths (red/orange) get absorbed by the water at a very shallow depth. The longer wavelengths (blue/purple) get through t

How do you get a swimming pool to have that clear blue color you typically see in nice pools?

I have found with communicating with other pool owners that the color of your liner has alot to do with the water color. My pool is blue and white which gives the water that

How do you turn swimming pool water from green to blue?

You need to use algecide and liquid chlorine. Follow the dosing recomendations for your size pool. Also make sure your filter is clean or it will recontaminate the pool.  If

Where can you buy swimming pool plaster?

I am a certified pool contractor in Tampa, Florida. if you are a homeowner, i do not believe you can find this kind of product easy. As a contractor i buy my material from sup

What would cause the water in a swimming pool to be blue not clear?

You need to add chlorine. I doubt in the above answer that chlorine will clear up a "blue water" situation. BTW, is the water or the pool surface - floor, walls etc - blue - t

Is it okay to put blue food coloring into a swimming pool to make the water appear blue?

The blue color of a swimming pool is not the water that you are seeing, it's actually the reflection of the sky's blue color. When a pool is properly maintained, sanitized wit

When can you swim in a newly plastered pool?

  Answer   I am refurbishing a 30+ year old pool. I was told by two pool companies that after the final plaster coat the pool has to be brushed for 3 days to get rid

What could be the cause of powdery white pool water with a blue tint so thick you can't see the first stair along with residue on pool walls in a brand new gray plaster pool 2 days after tech visit?

Answer   Since you had a colored plaster, you are seeing the mortar hazing on the walls and floor over the darker aggregate. You are supposed to wash the pool with a mild