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Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

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No. The Employer must notify you.
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Auto policy cancels but driving to company to reinstate is there coverage?

  Answer   need a little more info to help you on this.......if the policy actually canceled.....(most not all) have a ten day claus, if paid within the ten days, bu

I cancelled my home insurance with one company and opened a new policy with a different company but had overlapping coverage for a short time am I entitled to a refund.?

It depends on whether you have a mortgage loan or not. The previous insurance company will send you a check for the excess amount paid to them, but if there is a lien on your

Why did my insurance company cancel my homeowners policy?

There are only a few reasons that your insurer could cancel a policy mid-term (as opposed to non-renewal).    Material misrepresentation-You provided information on your

What should you do if your insurance company has notified you that your policy is being canceled?

An insurance company will normally only cancel a policy for two reasons (1) the item being insured no longer exists or (2) the insured (you) has breached the conditions of the

Can insurance company cancel policy after taking payment?

Base on state regulations, there are many reasons a company can cancel an insurance policy. If you paid for a year and they cancel you after 1 month, you will only be charge

How does an auto insurance company make money with a no-cancellation policy?

Simple. There really is no such thing as a no-cancellation policy. Read the fine print and you will see that there are many reasons that the company can and will cancel the po

Why do insurance companies cancel your policy once you have a claim?

It is very rare that an insurer would cancel your policy after a single claim unless the insurer determines that the claim was the result of some severe negligence or a persis

Will in insurance company cancel policy if you sue them?

No, the Insurance Company has no right to cancel policy even if you sue them, unless you have failed in timely renewal or did any contractual violation like concealment of fac

Anytime you renew your car insurance fail to renew it cancel it or the insurance company cancels it the insurance company must notify?

This will depend on the regulations of the jurisdiction where you live. Until a few years ago no one was notified here in Georgia. Now in Georgia the State Department of Motor

Can an insurance company cancel your policy if you don't make repairs?

If you are referring to damage on your vehicle that your insurance has paid for then yes they can cancel your insurance if you don't complete the repairs. Also, another consid

When you renew your car insurance fail to renew it cancel it the insurance company must notify?

In every state I am aware of, the insurance company sends you an  offer to renew and a bill. If you don't pay it there is not a  cancellation that is required to be sent out